My New Facebook Page!

deandanceIt has been a really tough and tiring week, hence the lack of posts. However, I’m quite excited at the creation of the new Facebook page for Suzie81 Speaks – I’d love it if you would head on over and ‘like’ my page. This will be an extension of the blog and a further place to post all my new ramblings…

I’ve been blogging for nearly a year and have always been hesitant about involving Facebook as I have seen how dangerous it can be. However, over the last few months I have bitten the bullet and shared a few of my posts with my friends, and have been delighted by the complimentary response that I have had. My views have also increased beacuse of it, so I decided that I would create a page where I can share my thoughts with a larger audience. I have put different privacy settings there – I’m the only one that can post and there are a few profanity setting put in place too…

So, visit me on my new page, ‘like’ and share with your friends!

You can also find me on Twitter and Tumblr @suzie81blog.

Hope you’re doing well!

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30 Responses to My New Facebook Page!

  1. It is Monday, and I already have a headache, but is there a link to the page?

  2. Eek, delete the comment I just made. I see it now :-)

  3. You’re a brave soul. I cringe at Facebook. I hope it does great for you though.

  4. Yay, FB is fun even if Zuckerberg makes it so hard for us page admins to reach all of our fans. Just gave you a “like”! :)

  5. Love that you used a goofy Dean to grab my attention!!!

  6. I gave you a like with Nerd in the Brain and my personal account. Glad to see you on Facebook. :D

  7. Congratulations on your FB page, I shall pop on over and have a look.

  8. I like your Facebook page. It is just strictly for your blog right? Do you have your settings set for public so they can find you and read your blog? I have my blog to go to my private Facebook page so my friends can read them, but I don’t have my settings for public. I like the idea of having a FB page just for blogging.

  9. Austin says:

    I have liked your Facebook page, so bring on the funny! :)

  10. marcginsburg says:

    I will check out your page and share it with my FB fans (so you can reach a wider audience; they’re all cool so don’t worry). I’m trying to work on a page myself (does it cost money?) to promote my films. But in the meantime, come on over to my site (marc.ginsburg) and let’s be friends.

  11. marcginsburg says:

    P.S. I love that you include moving pictures in your blogs.A definite touch!

  12. Great news!! Have you tried Google+? It really is a great way to network and a super friendly crowd.

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