Australia – You Big Blog Tease!


Yesterday morning I woke up and the first thing I did, as I always do, was check my blog. I average a certain amount of views a day and considering I hadn’t posted anything since the day before I noticed that my stats were unusually high. I did a bit of investigating and discovered that one of my posts – ’23 Things You Should Actually Do Before You’re 23′ – had been shared several times on Facebook, and it appeared to have been seen predominantly by Australians. I checked it again before I left for work, and the number had increased significantly…

I was a little excited about this – one of my posts ‘How To Know When You’re a Teacher’ started this way and was viewed nearly 80,000 times earlier this year, and it was a brilliant experience, particularly when I started getting messages from teachers all over the world.

I checked it again after I had finished work, and there it was – it had steadily risen throughout the day. Awesome. I went to bed with a sense of anticipation for the possibilities of the next day.

When I woke up I eagerly logged onto my blog and the first thing I checked was my stats.

Nothing. Gutted. Australia must have got bored…


Still, it was nice while it lasted!

If you’re interested in reading the post you will find it in my sidebar or by clicking on this link below: feel free to continue where Australia left off!

What about you guys? Have you had your hopes dashed by your stats?

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20 Responses to Australia – You Big Blog Tease!

  1. Ronovan says:

    Haven’t had enough stats to dash as of yet. :) You shame me with your big numbers. Yours is bigger than mine.

  2. My stats have been down since winter finally went away. I guess people have better things to do than stay inside and read all day :-D

  3. Jolene says:

    Ohhhh totally!!!
    About a month ago i noticed that my blog stats were skyrocketing, upon further digging i noticed that the hits were coming from Santa Barbara, Ca.
    The posts they were viewing ALL the time had one thing in common, my friend Maria…one post in particular was Love doesn’t cause bruises. …needless to say, after that week of crazy high views they slowed theor clicking. Hahaha. I found out that it was marias ex husband, ex boyfriend and several of her ex friends. Haha

  4. I had one day when my stats nearly quadrupled and then back to normal the next day! Still have no idea why.

  5. Stats are exciting. I haven’t been close to what our lovely author has experienced but I’ve stopped obsessing about my stats for a bit. I feel the comments are more important, that’s when you really get engaged with your readers….but alas stats are still a bit fun though 😉 you go Suzy maybe Australia will be back tomorrow…

  6. My blog is still a baby so 60 views in a day was my sudden stats peak about a week ago and it’s not yet been broken :( Sad. But I’m from Australia… so I just made sure to read your post and happy to say I think I achieved pretty much all of that before the age of 23. Winning! ;)

  7. cricketmuse says:

    I just discovered stats a couple of months ago. It would be easy to get obsessive in checking them that’s for sure. I am more interested in what is being viewed more than how many times. Okay, not totally true–numbers are important but content is even more important.

  8. Wordsgood says:

    Totally unrelated to post content, but what a sad face this kitty has!

    Kitty pic aside, I hope slower stats doesn’t stop you from blogging. I just found you…don’t break my heart! I would hate to have get revenge by posting on mine – with a tag to your blog – the saddest, most soulful, pitiful, heartwrenching kitty and puppy pics the internet has to offer… I could get super mean and post one where my lab has her normally perky ears flat to her head with big, brown eyes as wide as they go. I swear, it’ll leave leave you curled up on the floor, weeping for mercy… ;)

  9. (▰˘◡˘▰) says:

    I’ve only just recently started writing again, but I think I can relate to your experience anyhow. My first few posts got a surprising amount of views (considering I’d only told my mother that I was writing again.) and even a few comments! And then, all of the sudden, nothing. No comments, no likes. I’m not sure why. The initial bout of likes/shares did motivate me to keep going though, and I don’t plan to stop for lack of hits.

    I love your writing style and voice btw, so hopefully you aren’t too turned off from blogging after this experience ;)

  10. Celia says:

    Typical Australia (my home country)… things fade in and out of fashion quicker than you can blink. My blog is not nearly comparable to the success of yours, but funnily one post in particular (a restaurant review) which I wrote over a year ago has consistently been my top viewed post. I finally realised it was thanks to Google search and its page rank system!

  11. martha0stout says:

    i always forget that you can check the stats…

  12. I used to look at the stats and were sad they weren’t higher. But I lost sight of why I ever started blogging and (for me personally) became competitive when posting and wanting followers. Now I just write what I want, much as i did my paper bookish journals. I am in awe of the empire you created!

  13. reocochran says:

    Wow! This was an adorable baby and you were ‘on a roll’ for awhile! I can hardly believe the 80,000 views on your other most viewed post, with FB’s help and friends, too!

  14. gjoelfranco says:

    Congratulations!!! Amazing to have so many hits! What a great feeling! I am a bit stat obsessed too and as a new blog I have nowhere near the hits you have, I know what you mean as one day is super high, and next day almost nothing. Again, Congrats on your accomplishments! Great blog!

  15. Philster999 says:

    Fun post, Suzie! It’s kind of an addiction always keeping an eye on one’s blogging stats, isn’t it? Like you, I simply can’t seem to get enough:

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