The Difference Between 20 and 30.

GrowingOldIsToday I found a grey hair. Now, this sounds ridiculous, as I’ve had random grey eyebrows for years, but when I found it I genuinely felt quite sad. That single grey hair confirmed everything I’d been noticing recently… I’m getting older. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I’m old in the slightest, but I’ve noticed that my opinions of life and how I live it has changed since I turned 30. For example:

1. Staying out until three in the morning is almostΒ impossible, and if I do I’m guaranteed to not be able to move from the hangover the next day even if I’ve only had a small amount of alcohol. In my 20’s I could go out all night wearing six inch heels and an outfit the size of a tea-towel and feel reasonably fine the next day.Β I don’t want to go out to nightclubs anymore. Instead, I’d rather go to a nice bar/restaurant and be home byΒ 11.00pm.

2. I have started to judge younger women if they wear trampy outfits – I actually found myself thinking “Put it away!” after seeing a random woman walk past the other day wearing a ridiculously high skirt.

3. I wear flat shoes to work, as my feet can’t cope with wearing heels anymore.

4. I keep putting my back out.

5. In my 20’s, I used to be able to eat what I wanted without gaining weight. After I turned 30, I only have to look at a chocolate bar for my waistline to expand.

6. I’ve recently started to enjoy music by Glen Campbell.

7. I detest Justin Bieber, One Direction and GLEE. I think that Dubstep and Drum & Bass is simply noise.

8. I love shopping at the supermarket. I can spend hours there, and get a kick out of finding good deals.

9. I found myself telling my students that I passed my GCSE exams without the use of the Internet, and that I didn’t get a mobile phone until I was 18.

10. My friends are getting married, divorced and/or are having children. In my 20’s they were just getting laid.

11. In our 20’s, me and the Best Mate used to discuss epic nights out and the people that we were attracted to. Last week we had a conversation about what product is the best for removing mould in the bathroom, and what fabric softener we use.

12. In my 20’s I had a job. In my 30’s I have a career.

13. In my 20’s I holidayed on 18-30 resorts. In my 30’s I like to go ‘somewhere quiet’.

14. Art galleries have suddenly become interesting. I can spend hours walking around museums and I genuinely enjoy the experience of learning new things.

As a teacher, I always feel a little twinge of jealously when students that I have known for years go off to university. I remember that feeling of excitement, uncertainty, and the thrill of having your whole life ahead of you with very little responsibility. I remember being carefree and excited about everything. However, I also remember having to fight for everything, work hard and have very little money to show for it. I lived in sub-standard housing with a sub-standard ex. I lived from day-to-day with no thoughts about the future.

As i’ve become older, my life is good. I have everything I’ve worked for, my opinion is more respected professionally, I know what I want and I am not scared to ask for it. My 20’s were spent building a life so that I can enjoy it in my 30’s.

Perhaps it’s not as bad as I thought. And there’s always hair dye…

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  1. Perspective towards life changes a lot with age, and i agree with most of your article; but sometimes if one has underachieved in his 20’s he or she can be really fired up in his or her 30’s to prove himself.
    Another thing changes is T-shirts are replaced by Office wear !

  2. I enjoyed your post! List format makes it inviting and easy to read. I especially loved the Glen Campbell line. πŸ˜‰ Wasn’t expecting that.
    I also liked how you tied in the mention at the end of seeing students go off to university and remembering that excitement… but ending on a humorous note (i.e. reference to hair dye.) I found your post in the community pool asking for constructive criticism, so I suppose if I have any suggestions it might be to make number 12 a little more specific to you, such as by telling us quickly what that “job” was, or maybe what about it felt more like a job and less like a career. Just a thought.
    Oh, and here’s a recent post I did on a similar theme! Cheers! πŸ™‚

  3. Nice posts. I’m there with you on all of these, especially #9 and #14. I’m in my 40’s now and find that in this decade, I have little patience for nonsense. You also develop so much more confidence in yourself the older you get, but not like in your 20’s. Real confidence that’s gained from life’s experiences.

  4. wow! I can relate! just the other day…I scolded some youngsters for being so noisy with their alternative music…one of them replied; “ma’am you used to do this right?” I said “NO!” but I did…now that I’m older…I’m back listening to the 70’s-80’s music…

    • That was a very polite response – most youngsters I know would tell me to F off!! You’re absolutely right though – we were probably the same!!

  5. I just read this and killed myself laughing, as I’ve just got back from buying… hair dye πŸ™‚ Now I’m playing at “spot the hair that isn’t grey” – and I’m “only” (20+24). What I enjoy about looking like a grown-up is that I no longer care what anyone thinks, nor do I take time to justify myself if I don’t want to do something. I have even go over my middle-aged spread, and am looking forward to being able to climb trees with my grandchildrenand teach them rude words one day in the future (but not now, or Bigfoot will be hung from said tree by his underpants).

  6. Many of your examples will be the same in your 50’s…like wearing flat shoes, enjoying art galleries and not being able to stay up late (for me, 10 p.m. is late). I laughed, though, at you finding the gray hair. My mom discovered my first gray hair when I was about 30, as she was standing over me in her living room. “What’s that?” she cried! I bought my first package of hair dye soon after and haven’t stopped looking younger since. ;-p

  7. Yup – this is fairly accurate – and a good read.

    There us the odd time I still go out until after 2 am and while the following day is horrid I figure once in a while its good for the soil.

    I also had to finally accept that diet in my 30s would be different if I didn’t want to be huge earlier this year.

    And yay to hair dye!

  8. Wait until you’re 56 and your twenty year old daughter says, “Some old guy looked at me on the bus.” You ask her how old was he and she says,” Real old. Like in his forties.” Shoot me please.

  9. I’m a teenager and I judge other teens by the way they dress, I guess I’m more of a conservative youngster. Overall I found this to be pretty interesting and hilarious πŸ˜ƒ

  10. Haha this is so true. I’m only 27 but I thought I was going to die at a concert last month because I was expected to just stand in one place for 3 hours. My friend and I were practically limping and clutching our backs as we lurched back to the car when it was over.

    And same thing with the traveling. Just a few years back I would book a flight to a 3rd world country and just pass out in any hostel I came across. Now I find myself with all these “standards.” When did I get standards?!

  11. I read this and realised how many similar ideas I have and how many things I still want to do. It feels like I should start creating a list for each decade! (I’m 22 now) One of the things I had wanted to do since I was a teen, was a blog, well now I have just started one with my friend who is between your age and mine and hopefully, the posts and people comments will help me see what I’m missing out on every day πŸ™‚ If you have a minute, visit us, we would appreciate your input! Gia

  12. Love that post Suzie, I am also 30 but as I just got back to studying last year I guess I am somewhere in the middle still, looking for a right path to follow. But glad to read about nights out, drinking, enjoying quiet places places or art galleries, that mean I am not the only one πŸ˜‰
    I keep asking myself lately what’s wrong with me, why I start yawning at the party after 11pm, or why I feel that bad after having two pints the night before πŸ˜€ I guess that just the age πŸ˜‰
    Hope to get there sometimes soon when I can say ‘ my life is good ‘.

  13. I’ve noticed in the last month – not coincidentally, my first as a parent – I have found no greater joy than grocery store savings every Saturday morning. Work is work, and that’s Monday through Friday of commuting and being annoyed by coworkers abuse of the Reply To All feature. All weekend its tasks and chores and crying baby. But the grocery store and her savings? Oh how I love them.

  14. Thoroughly enjoyed your post. I’m in my mid 40’s and can relate to it all except the grey hair. I will say though that once you hit that magical number that is 40 that’s when all those old injuries from your younger days return to haunt you. If you don’t have glasses you will, and gravity starts to take its toll on the body. But who cares; be happy, true to yourself, love life, family and friends. It’s all good!

  15. Great post! I laughed because I can totally relate to everything you said. Last week I went to Disney World and anticipated riding every ride like I used to. Well the first big roller coaster I rode, I got sick. Definitely a big difference between my 20’s and 30’s.

  16. Dropping by from over at Susie’s blog party. Great post. You said a lot of what we all go through as we get older. Men and women. Still, 30 is nothing. I’m in my forties with a career, yet still party hard, go out late, listen to heavy metal music, and still live life as if way younger than I am. It’s all about attitude and not giving in to the “being old” thing that people fall trap to as they age.

    I will agree about the drinking and recovery time though. It does get harder as you get older!

  17. β€œbla, bla, I want to suck your blood, I mean, β€œSusie sent me.” This is *mostly* hilarious, except for #6, which is just blood-chilling scary.

  18. Oh my God girl! Glen Campbell? His was the first sheet music I bought back in the day and even then, he’d be one of my last choices. I am a Muse fan!!!
    Love your list! It is a fact that we slow down in some areas, but I think it is more about knowing what’s coming and making good choices. I do remember pulling all,nighters, but dragging and pounding Mountain Dew to finish projects. That was waaaaay before Red Bull!
    Love your list!
    Thanks for bringing it to the party! Have fun clicking on link and saying HellooooOOOOOoooo!

  19. I can so relate to everything on the list. Except, not only do i NOT want to stay out all night, i don’t want to go out at all! I’d rather put on my comfy PJs, baggy top and watch Dexter while sipping coffee and eating chocolate.

    • Replace coffee (I don’t like it) with a bottle of Kopparberg cider and that would also be my perfect night! Thanks so much for your comment!

  20. Thanks for the like on my post. I had to read this post when I saw the title and am so in line with you! Funny – my 30th birthday was fine. It was was 31 that did it to me- I’m now officially in my 30s! (Well 34 now….ahhhh, it’s almost time to be “mid 30s”!) Look forward to reading more!

  21. Loved this post. As Im just turning 27, I find myself thinking this way but I have two little ones to speak for so that has something to do with it Im sure! I am in my career establishing phase and hope to be happy with my achievements by my 30th birthday- which is the deadline I gave myself and am obsessively thinking about everyday haha! Thanks for a good read.


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