Seven Reasons Why Today Has Been A Thoroughly Awesome (If Somewhat Unusual) Day

1. My school is putting on a production next week. As part of the set HALF A CAR was delivered. Our theatre is on the first floor, so I witnessed a large group of my colleagues hoist this car up the most inconvenient staircase possible. I love testosterone and I’m quite lucky in that I work with quite a few attractive men, so there was something quite sexy about watching this battle take place. They did it eventually, and I’m sure they absolutely appreciated me taking photographs and playing the ‘Rocky’ theme tune in the background…
2. I received a tax rebate. It isn’t for a massive amount, but enough to pay for my hotel this Friday because…

3. … my American friends are coming to London. I first met them in the ‘House of Bols’ in Amsterdam in 2010 and started chatting over a cocktail. They’re a lovely couple, we exchanged Facebook details and have kept in touch ever since. Last year they were in Naples at the same time as me, but we weren’t able to meet. However, they’re in London this week and so me and The Bloke are going to meet them for drinks on Friday night. It also means a little break which both me and The Bloke need, and a night in London which we always enjoy.
4. I had parents evening tonight. Yes, it’s a tiring experience, but I love meeting parents. It’s a lovely feeling to give a parent positive feedback about a wonderful child, and I know I’ve done a good job if I make a parent cry with pride.
5. On my way home I called in at my friend’s house where he played ‘Informer’ as we were having a chat. I’d forgotten how much I loved that song.
6. I received a phone call from my friend CL, who has made some important decisions about her life for the better. She always has a way of making me feel positive.
7. I returned home to discover that The Bloke had bought me my favourite Olive bread.
Now why can’t every day be like that???

17 thoughts on “Seven Reasons Why Today Has Been A Thoroughly Awesome (If Somewhat Unusual) Day

  1. Life is just flowing over! Good news and I love the cat! Nobody can look pleased quite like a kitty!

    • I found it on Facebook. Cat memes always make me smile!

      I’m really pleased that things are a little less stressful for you too at the minute!

  2. All sorts of lovely things that you have had happen today! I am posting in moments an award for you titled The Very Inspiring Blogger Award! I have nominated you so hope you accept! Congrats and this may be fun to add to your day’s worth of good fortune!

    • It is sometimes. I’m lucky to get good days like this every so often. Thanks so much for all your comments – I really appreciate it!

  3. I had a good day too – thanks for sharing yours. I miss having a cat in my life – we live in a first floor flat and my partner is allergic (thats a bugger!!) – a house is not a home until there is a cat in it !!!!!

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