An American (Or Two) in London

ImageTo say yesterday was busy is an understatement. I was off timetable all day as our kids are doing a production next week, but this inevitably means that after a while they get bored, distracted and started nagging or asking irrelevant questions. My patience is often tested and I find these sorts of days both mentally and physically draining.

However, I had something to look forward to at the end of the rehearsal. My American friends, A & B were in London and me and The Bloke had booked a hotel so we could meet them. 
In the space of four hours me and The Bloke left work, dropped the car off at home, got a taxi to the station, jumped on a train, checked in at the hotel, got changed and met them in Leicester Square. We ended up eating at a nearby restaurant and talking for several hours over a few drinks. They’re a lovely couple, and The Bloke started chatting to them immediately, which I was pleased about because he’s quite shy around people he’s never met… 
The only negative thing about it was that by ten, we were all shattered and had to call it a night, and A&B had to pack for their cruise the next day. The Bloke and I went back to the hotel and it must have taken me less than thirty seconds to fall asleep. Unfortunately, I had to be up at seven the following morning in order to catch a train back home as weekend rehearsals had been called at school. Gutted -it would have been so nice to stay another night and explore London a bit more, not to mention the fact that I have to work on a weekend. 
However, I love the fact that a chance meeting between people who live thousands of miles apart has led to a friendship. It’s these sorts of events that make life interesting… 

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