Five Things I Learnt Today


1. Regardless of the hours of rehearsal, one student will forget everything you’ve taught them when placed in front of an audience. 

2. There is such a thing as too much dry ice.
3. Pims and chips from the chip shop is a surprisingly satisfying combination. 
4. It is possible to be absolutely prepared for the day, only to realise upon your arrival to work you’ve forgotten the key component for making your preparation worthwhile – your laptop containing the PowerPoints and resources for all your lessons… 
And finally…
5. Regardless of how exhausting life can be, an immediate cure for the blues is a picture of a kitten in a knitted mushroom outfit. Whoever took this photograph, I salute you. 
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10 thoughts on “Five Things I Learnt Today

    • If it makes you feel better i dreamt that I grew an extra toe on each foot last night, and that was without pictures prior to falling asleep…

  1. You had a picture on your blog awhile back of a big grey-white cat with a very self-satisfied look on his face and the caption: “Why yes, I do enjoy being me”. I loved it so much I made it my desktop background. Any time I want to smile, I just have to look at it. I don’t think I thanked you for the pic, which is bad manners on my part, so thank you for making me smile countless times a day! 😀

  2. That picture is too cute. Bad thing is, every time I see a cute kitty I want to go get one. Unfortunately the 4-year-old cat that owns me would eat it. I think. Not sure but don’t want to risk it.

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