A Wonderful Wimbledon Weekend

This weekend has been fabulous. After a LONG week of shows in the evening, on top of a full teaching timetable and having to do both with a really nasty head cold, I hit Friday night with a feeling of utter exhaustion and relief that the weekend was here. I certainly made sure that I enjoyed myself: 


On Friday night I went to the pub with my friend NW for a well-deserved drink. Me and The Bloke then watched all our favourite TV shows that we’d missed over the week: Hart of Dixie, Big Bang Theory, The Apprentice, For The Love Of Dogs etc. 
I slept until 9.30 on Saturday morning. The Bloke brought me breakfast in bed and then went into town. My hayfever has been quite bad, so I walked to the chemist in glorious sunshine and got antihistamines. The rest of the afternoon was spent blogging and sleeping. 
The Bloke returned with my favourite ice-cream: Cookies and Cream Haagen Dazs I ate it whilst watching ‘OZ’, which I quite enjoyed. 
I slept in until 8.30am on Sunday morning. I made us breakfast, and then we went to watch Despicable Me 2 at the cinemas, which was hilarious. I love the minions.
We then had lunch at Frankie and Benny’s, joined NW at the pub again where we sat in the beer garden and listened to a live blues band and Formula 1 on the TV outside, returned home, put some washing out and spent the rest of the day relaxing.  
To add to it further, for the first time in 77 years, a Brit, Andy Murray, won Wimbledon. Like I felt pride for our Olympians in London last year, I’m feeling the same pride for him today. He thoroughly deserved it.
This is what weekends are made for. This level of sunshine and heat is rare in the UK and everybody was outside enjoying themselves. The only trouble is that it makes me less than enthusiastic about work tomorrow… 


15 thoughts on “A Wonderful Wimbledon Weekend

  1. You’re almost there. I’ll pray the weather holds for you and the rest of us, right through the summer. Wouldn’t that be a joy? A well-deserved. enjoyable weekend by the sound of it.x

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  3. Monday the bane of my life…it was a blummin’ good day yesterday, perfect day for Murray to string it out lol. Frankie and Benny’s sounds like the promised land today. It has a bar as well.

  4. Suzie, you truly had a wonderful weekend, from all fronts and from all angles. I had breakfast in front of the TV Sunday morning and watched Andy win. I was extremely glad for him, and for the Brits. — take care, Bill

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