A Glorious Weekend

image This weekend has been fabulous. The weather has been fantastic, I’ve had some lovely moments and I can’t believe it is over already! On Friday night I finished work and simply slept. I was shattered, and I’m desperately looking forward to next week being over so I can start my summer.

Saturday was spent shopping for a new dress. I found a beautiful black Warehouse dress that hides all my lumps and bumps, saw the Food Festival, and treated myself to a mango and passion fruit smoothie from Costa.

Today (Sunday), began by watching ‘Now You See Me,’ at the cinema. It was great, although it had one of those unfortunate plot twists that prevents you from watching the film again.

The UK is currently experiencing a heatwave – something that hasn’t happened for a few years now – and my local community held a small festival in the park. A friend of mine was playing with his band, Bethan and The Morgans, (check them out on Facebook, they’re very good), so me and The Bloke decided to do something we’ve never actually done in all the years we’ve known each other: have a picnic.


I went to lots of effort to make everything perfect. I did Quorn and salad wraps, bought lightly salted crisps with garlic dip, olives and feta cheese, almond bakes and I created a raspberry and melon salad for dessert.  We packed everything up and went to the park, where it was already alive with hundreds of people from the local area. We sat on our blanket, laid out our food and soaked up the sun and the lovely atmosphere. It was beautiful, and I am now a picnic convert!

A glorious end to a glorious weekend… Only five more days till summer!!

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