Père Lachaise, Paris

Perhaps this is a morbid subject, but I was browsing through some of my photographs and I came across a series of pictures that I took of Pere Lachaise cemetery, on the outskirts of Paris, and I thought I’d share them.


Opened in 1804 it is now one of the most visited destinations in Paris. It’s a truly unique place, with a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The Bloke and I visited on a glorious sunny day, and I was astounded by how beautiful it was. 
There are lots of famous graves that are situated around the cemetery. Here are just a few of them…
Sarah Bernhardt 
Edith Piaf
Marcel Marceaux
Oscar Wilde
Jim Morrison (my friend visited the week before and said that a large bottle of Jack Daniels had been left there) 
If you ever get the opportunity to go, I would highly recommend it. It’s certainly an unusual and beautiful experience… 

12 thoughts on “Père Lachaise, Paris

  1. I find these types of graves very interesting; where the dead aren’t buried in the ground. While I have never been to France, I have seen these when I was in New Orleans a couple years ago. Supposedly they bury their dead like this due to the shifting, swampy ground, but it could also just be a cultural thing.

  2. I find cemeteries one of the most peaceful and powerful places on earth … and such history they represent! Your photos of famous names’ graves takes us to their brief moment on this earth.

    In my travels, seeing the names and years of anonymous/not-so-famous people – and knowing that THIS PERSON was real and loved – makes the visit to their part of the world so much more personal and meaningful.

    They are a reminder that even after we are gone, we were here; we mattered to someone.

    Thank you for sharing your photos of Père Lachaise. I hope to visit myself one day soon.

    • I absolutely agree – although Pere Lachaise has also become a little bit of a tourist destination now too. It’s a beautiful place -hope you get to go sometime soon!

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