46 Reasons Why Men Are Amazing

After writing a post on ’46 Reasons Why Women Are Amazing’ I thought that I would do a similar list about our male counterparts. I think men get a raw deal sometimes and have an unfair reputation for being poor role-models and deadbeats. This list is based upon the opinions of my male friends and my own thoughts. (I think at this point I should also be rewarded for resisting the urge just to post 46 pictures of Dolph Lundgren with no shirt on… )

1. They might not be able to give birth, but they care and nurture their women through the whole process.
2. They’re naturally stronger.
3. They have a penis.
4. They take half the time to get ready.
5. Losing weight can prove to be quite easy.
6. They have a tendency not to over-analyse.
7. EVERY man looks hot in a suit.
8. They hide their own fears to remove large insects from the house (the bloke does this).
9. They don’t have periods and therefore have an actual reason for being moody.
10. Programming technology is inbuilt into their brains.
11. Fashion is far from complicated.
12. They provide a feeling of safety in a massive hug.
13. They immediately have the ability to empathise with any man who gets hit in the testicles.
14. They move heavy objects and equipment.
15. Blow jobs. A good blow job will instantly make a bad day disappear.
16. Friendships are not complicated – they like someone or they don’t.
17. They often refrain from gossiping and prefer to speak their mind to somebody who has wronged them.
18. They can be a geek without their sexuality being questioned.
19. They often age better. Hugh Jackman is the perfect example. (Scottishmomus, this ones for you).
20. One moisturiser = beauty regime.
21. Haircuts take fifteen minutes and cost a tenth of the female equivalent.
22. They usually know what they want.
23. They enjoy romance, and can be incredibly creative when attempting to spoil their partner.
24. They’re enthusiastic about their girlfriend’s bodies, even when their girlfriends aren’t.
25. They don’t have to shave and can experiment with different types of facial hair.
26. They love their mothers, and adore their grandmothers.
27. Their relationship with their fathers becomes more of a brotherhood as they get older.
28. The look on their face resembles the discovery of the meaning of life when they see an 80″ HD TV screen.
29. They can do an entire shopping trip in half an hour.
30. They know how to spend their money practically.
31. They’re patient and leave their women to get on with it.
32. Deep, sexy voices.
33. They open doors, move your seat out for you and guide you through busy spaces.
34. Large muscles don’t look as freaky.
35. He replaces the batteries in electrical items without being prompted (try to stop sniggering here… I meant the remote control).
36. They’re ambitious.
37. Bed hair.
38. Small bottoms.
39. Fantastic sense of humour and like to laugh, particularly when people fall over.
40. They have to deal with the pressure of performance in the bedroom.
41. They take time in the bedroom to ensure their partner is satisfied.
42. They have perfected the art of feigning interest when listening to their partner gossip about other people.
43. They are fantastic role – models for their children.
44. This man – Chris Gardener
45. This man – Steve Jobs
46. This man – Gandhi

47 thoughts on “46 Reasons Why Men Are Amazing

  1. I actually have a lot of trouble answering who I consider to be really good-looking male celebrities. But Hugh Jackman, well, that’s a no-brainer. Can’t think of anyone else now though.

  2. #11 x 1000. Why is it that men can travel the entire globe and find clothing to fit, EXACTLY to size, in any country, and women have to try on each individual item, only to find that sizing is different?! ARGH!

    So true. I have no idea what is in the water in Australia and New Zealand, but they have some of the best looking, sexiest, most loyal men, in the world.

  3. I know… And this is just the start of it. We dont ramble after break-ups as long as the other sex.

    We see a guy in same shirt at a party. We become friends. This is impossible with women.

    Less pairs of shoes.

    Dont have to wear different colours of night wear to remain sexy.

    :p awesome list.

  4. Men can be awesome, there’s no doubt. A wonderful compilation, Suzie.
    Thanks for the Hugh Jackman pic. Hot flushes and fanning furiously!!!
    And, when it’s someone’s turn to buy a round, they don’t mess about, ‘You’re up next, tight arse!’ to their mates. (Maybe that’s just Scotland. :)).

  5. Thank you for a “TRUTHFUL” list of “AWESOMENESS” for both sexes! No “parody” list that ends up actually slamming both sexes. Nicely done. Men and women are awesome, and if you find the RIGHT one, together you are FRICKIN AWESOME!

  6. Don’t get me wrong guys are in fact one of my favorite things but most of the list… it would be perfect if most of the guys out there did only a quarter of this. Forget doing most of the list i would settle for one or two key things but fact is (or at least where I am) the majority of the guys don’t act the way the list describes.

  7. great list! Great picture of Hugh Jackman… some men are like fine wine, they improve with age… love that men also can have a touch of gray at the temples and it is so distinguishing, women do that and it’s time for another dye job!

  8. Interesting! Sadly and no offense meant, none of the criteria you listed gets on my list. But of course all of us are entitled to our own perception of why men are amazing. Though I can put up a phrase: Men simply cannot exist without us women. We both need each other to exist.

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  10. I can’t tell you how many women’s magazines have featured interviews with male celebrities claiming that women are just delicate little angels while men are just big, hairy beasts.

    Um, I’m, sorry, since when are big, muscle-y, hairy men a problem? As much as women think they have problems with society, men deal with as least as many. Men are a crazy-awesome species.

  11. Good list and fair. Nice to see. I doubt a guy could come up with a similarly long list about women. I think #47 should be: They write great blogs. Have a great Saturday Suzie!

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