My Ultimate Bucket List

I posted my original Bucket List a few months ago, and then reblogged it the other day. However, when I re-examined it I realised that, in fact, it was actually quite lame. I’m normally quite proud of what I post, but I felt that I hadn’t done it justice, so I’ve decided to do another one and spend a little more time on it. The resulting list is a combination of the list I set myself ten years ago and further goals that I have set myself.


1. Get married.
2. Have a child.
3. Work part time (I start this in September).
4. Even if it’s just once, I’d like to get down to my ideal weight and wear a dress from Karen Millen.
5. Learn sign language fluently.
6. Learn to drive (I’m 31, it’s about time I did!)
7. Make some money through blogging, however small.
8. Take a photography course.
9. Accept the past, come to terms with it and move on (although if an opportunity presents itself to tell her what you think of her, take it).
10. Volunteer at an animal sanctuary.
11. Complete the London Marathon.
12. Complete the Birmingham half-marathon.
13. Find a pen-pal.
14. Volunteer at a hospice.
15. See dolphins swimming in the wild.
16. Go to a PostSecret seminar.
17. Ride a Segway.
18. Spend a day with animals at the zoo.
19. Donate money regularly to charity.
20. Play on stage at the Albert Halls. (Achieved 2000)
21. Get highlights.
22. Buy a house.
23. Spend the weekend at a spa and have lots of treatments.
24. Learn to speak French fluently.
25. Sleep in a castle.
26. Get a manicure.
28. Take a boat ride down the Seine, Paris  (Achieved 2010) 

Artwork, Artefacts and Objects 

30. Alexandros of Antioch: Venus de Milo – Louvre, Paris  (Achieved 2010)
31. Gheeraerts the Younger – Queen Elizabeth I, National Portrait Gallery, London (Achieved 2013)
32. Da Vinci: Mona Lisa – Louvre (Achieved 2010)
33. Vermeer: Woman Holding a Balance – National Gallery, Washington. (Achieved 2010)
34. Hogarth: Shortly After the Marriage – National Gallery, London (Achieved 2012)
35. Van Gogh: Flowers – National Gallery, London (Achieved 2012)
36. Van Gogh: Wheat Field with Crows, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Achieved 2010)
37. Picasso: Les Demoiselles d’Avignon – MOMA (Achieved 2010)
38. Matisse: Dance 1 – MOMA (Achieved 2010)
39. Pollock: One:Number 31 – MOMA (Achieved 2010)
40. Da Vinci: The Last Supper – Milan
41. Van Eyck: Portrait of Giovanni and His Wife – National Gallery, London
42. Van Eyck: Man in a Red Turban – National Gallery, London
43. Whistler: Arrangement in Grey and Black: The Artist’s Mother – Musee d’Orsay, Paris
44. Degas: L’Absinthe –  Musee d’Orsay, Paris
45. Renoir: Luncheon of the Boating Party – Phillips Collection, Washington
46. Manet: A Bar at the Folies – Bergere – Courtauld Institute of Art Gallery, London.
47. Seurat: A Sunday on La Grande Jatte 1884 – Art Institute of Chicago.
48. Degas: The Tub –   Musee d’Orsay, Paris
49. Munch: The Scream – National Gallery, Oslo
50. Klimt: The Kiss – Österreichische Galerie, Vienna.
51. Kandinsky: Composition VIII, Guggenheim, New York.
52. Hopper: House by the Railroad – MOMA, New York
53. Hopper: Nighthawks – Art Institute of Chicago
54. Wood: American Gothic – Art Institute of Chicago
55. Picasso: Guernica – Madrid
56. Wyeth: Christina’s World – MOMA
57. Antennae from Twin Towers, Newseum, Washington (Achieved 2010)
58. Berlin Wall, Newseum, Washington  (Achieved 2010)
Bayeux Tapestry (Achieved 2006) 
59. Greyfriers Bobby  (Achieved 2013) 


62. Philadelphia. (Achieved 2010)
63. Washington D.C. (Achieved 2010)
64. Amsterdam. (Achieved 2010)
65. Naples. (Achieved 2012)
66. Pompeii. (Achieved 2012)
68. Ben Nevis.
69. Gamble in a casino in Las Vegas.
70. Vancouver.
71. Rome.
72. Tokyo.
73. San Francisco.
74. Barcelona.
75. Prague.
76. Auschwitz.
77. Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
78. Florence.
79. Los Angeles.
80. Yosemite National Park.
81. Mount St. Helens.
82. Niagara Falls.
83. Bora Bora.
84. Travel on Route 66.
85. Machu Pichu, Peru.
86. Hawaii.
87. Barbados.
Buildings, Monuments and Landscapes 

88. Empire State Building (Achieved 2010)
89. Statue of Liberty (Achieved 2010)
90. Times Square (Achieved 2010)
91. Ground Zero  (Achieved 2010)
92. Strawberry Fields (Achieved 2010)
93. Central Park (Achieved 2010)
94. Coney Island  (Achieved 2010)
95. Lincoln Memorial (Achieved 2010)
96. Jefferson Memorial (Achieved 2010)
97. Korean War Memorial (Achieved 2010)
98. Arlington Cemetery (Achieved 2010)
99. Philadelphia Museum of Art steps (Achieved 2010)
100. Eiffel Tower (Achieved 2010)
Sacre Coeur (Achieved 2010)
101. Notre Dame Cathedral (Achieved 2010)
102. Pont L’Archeveche  (Achieved 2010)
103. Trocadero, Paris  (Achieved 2010)
104. Arc de Triomphe (Achieved 2010)
105. Pere Lachaise Cemetery  (Achieved 2010)
106. Montmartre Cemetery  (Achieved 2010)
107. American War Cemetery, Normandy (Achieved 2006)
108. Disneyland, Paris (Achieved 1999)
109. Anne Frank Annex (Achieved 2010)
110. Edinburgh Castle (Achieved 2013)
111. Edinburgh Zoo  (Achieved 2013)
112. Trafalgar Square  (Achieved 2010)
113. Houses of Parliament  (Achieved 2010)
114. Westminster Abbey. (Achieved 2009)
115. St Marks Square, Venice  (Achieved 1992).
116. Tower Bridge
117. Harry Potter Studios
118. London Zoo.
119. St. Paul’s Cathedral
120. Tower of London
121. Neuschwanstein Castle.
122. Graceland.
123. Grand Canyon.
124. Hoover Dam.
125. Uluru.
126. Sydney Opera House.
127. Walk of Fame, Hollywood.
128. Rodeo Drive.
129. Go to Burning Man.
130. Petra, Jordan.
Places Of Rest (slightly macabre I know)
140. Voltaire  (Achieved 2010)
141. Marie Curie  (Achieved 2010)
142. Pierre Curie  (Achieved 2010)
143. Chopin  (Achieved 2010)
144. John F. Kennedy  (Achieved 2010)
145. Jackie Kennedy Onassis  (Achieved 2010)
146. Bruce Lee.
147. Jimi Hendrix.
148. Frank Sinatra.
149. Elvis Presley.
150. Sid James.
151. Kenneth Williams.
152. Jacqueline Du Pre.
153. Audrey Hepburn.
154. James Dean.
155. Charlie Chaplin.
156. Shakespeare.
157. Eat at The Ivy in London.
158. Eat at Heston Blumenthal’s restaurant, ‘The Fat Duck.’
159. Cook a three course dinner party for my friends.
160. Learn how to bake cakes properly, without them collapsing or burning.
Books, Films and Shows
161. The Mouse Trap (Achieved 2013)
162. We Will Rock You (Achieved 2009)
163. Rocky Horror Show (Achieved 2010)
164. Grease (Achieved 2000)
165. Chicago (Achieved 2006)
166. Footloose (Achieved 2006)
167. Fame (Achieved 2006)  
168. Watch the entire Harry Potter films consecutively.
169. Watch the entire Lord Of The Rings films consecutively. (Achieved 2011)
170. Read ‘House Of Pi’.
171. Read ‘The Tenderness Of Wolves’.
172. Read the entire Lord Of The Rings Trilogy. I’ve attempted it three times and never got past the first ten pages.
173. Watch Back To The Future without falling asleep.
All photographs are my own and fully copyrighted, as is the article.
I’d also like to include this one, from ‘My Tropical Home.’ I found it really interesting!
Hope you enjoy – it’s taken me a while!

41 thoughts on “My Ultimate Bucket List

    • No not at all. Check out the post I did about a week ago of Pere Lachaise.

      It’s quite small and hidden away – I needed the map to find it. It was surrounded by tourists wearing The Doors T Shirts and The Doors music was being played when I was there. My friend went the week before and she said there was a bottle of Jack Daniels left on there.

  1. Dang! That’s some list. I’m a guy, but I have to say your post about men was funny. Good stuff. Peace and thanks for stopping by my weird blog. John

  2. Kenneth Williams’ grave,..what a man, a legend on Just A Minute, amongst other things. I blummin’ love it. Back to the Future is dull, I always felt ostracized for not being a fan of that particular series, Biggles: Adventures in Time, now there was a fine time travel film.

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  4. The best kind of bucket list – completely achievable. I’m 40 & learned to drive a motorbike a few years ago rather than a car because it’s more fun! Would recommend Forest Segway by GoApe – hilarious & outdoorsy.

  5. This is so awesome!!! I wish I could organise mine like yours. And a big thanks for including a link to my own humble list…I think it’s time I added some more to it…have a wonderful weekend!

  6. This is amazing! I haven’t had a chance to go through each and every item yet, I skimmed it for now (I have like 10 minutes to get to dance practice), but I am coming back and re-reading! I also want to say that it is fantastic that you can organize your lists into a giant list! (I’m obsessed with lists – I’m pretty sure I have issues haha) AND the fact that you’ve crossed off so many already and you’re only 31? You go girl! You just made me want to blog about my own. I hope that’s okay! Love your blogs, keep ’em coming!

  7. You sure have no procrastinated with emptying that bucket list. The amount of sightseeing you have done astounds me. Do you remember seeing all those monuments? I personally often forget the actual experience of seeing something, especially if was below 12, but remember the journey.

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