What’s In A Name?

 Technically, her name is Lucy. When I first got her from the RSPCA I referred to her as my little ‘Bob’ (inspired by a Blackadder episode) and somehow it has morphed from ‘Bob’, to ‘Bobbly’, to ‘Bobbly Wob’ and has remained as ‘Wobbly’ for years. She’s registered at the vets as Lucy as I can’t bring myself to actually tell them what she’s really called. It’s a silly name, I’m sure she’s inwardly face-palming (or face-pawing) herself every time she hears it, but she responds to it anyway. Somehow though, it suits her. My friends and family have become used to it and ask ‘How’s Wobbly?’ without even thinking about it.
Today I came across an article about unusual pet names for dogs and cats from a pet insurance company and it made me smile. There are some truly great names… These are some of my favourites:
Sir Knuckles da Dragon
Winnie The Poodle
HotRod Woofington
Poopie Boy
Pumpkin Head
Dong Dong
Hank The Tank
Captain Underpants
Agador Spartacus
Chue Man Foo
I adore the idea of a dog being named ‘Captain Underpants’ – i’d love to hear that being shouted out at the park…
I’ve included the link to the website. I’m pretty sure ‘Wobbly’ would be in there too…

26 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. Haha! Love it!

    Sir Knuckles da Dragon?! That’s easily my fave. And yeah, Captain Underpants is tough to beat too.

    Great post! Very funny. I love how Wobbly is hiding her face in shame in the first pic. Haha.

  2. The animal names are a bit common for me. I prefer Sir Clarence of Woofington for a dog, rather than Hot Rod Woofington. Wobbly’s paws over her eyes are precious.

  3. Everyone told me the name I gave my late goldfish was very unusual because it was normal. It wasn’t ‘goldfishy’ enough. I never got that. I called her Maggie. What’s wrong with that? She seemed happy with it. Well, I say ‘happy’. Bit hard to tell, really.

  4. I love the name Wobbly. Seems like such a perfect name for her. I’d much prefer pets being called unique names like “Captain Underpants” than children, although children’s names can be pretty weird…like “Number 16 Bus Shelter”.

  5. What a cute Post! As you know already by visiting by blog today,…AN I THANK YOU!….that I have 2 cats. They bring so much FUN in my life!!…and my hubby too…….I can never get a pic of my little girl Callie…..she is to quik and only 1yr old and I just turned 50, SO she has an advantage!….LOL…
    She is our little rescue kitty my Big Boy *Buttons* found in the parking lot…….NOPE…he doesn’t bring me a bird or a mouse, no…..he brings us tiny kittens!! She is the cutest little calico, so we named her *Callie*….ABOUT CAT NAMES?……I read an article a while back that said the number #1 cat name was…..For a Girl~~*Bella*……….and for a Boy…..*MAX*???….Really??? I really said THAT! MAX….you couldn’t find a better name then THAT?……LOL….Have a Great *CATURDAY*!

  6. Names are so important for pets (and children). It’s got to be just so and needs to suit them. We picked the name for our first born months in advance as well as our first dog. And when they finally arrived (several years apart and by very different means of course) neither of their names suited them. The dog is now called Purdey (she’s an English cocker) but was initially Lola. She’s just not flamboyant enough for that name. She’s more of the spotty mother (101 Dalmations), cool and standoffish (character in The Avengers series on TV in the UK from the 60s) and gundog (British gunmaker) who all share her name. Except on the occasions we call her Flabberjabs being the sound her ears and jowls make when she shakes her head : )
    My son is another story.

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