‘Laughing Viking,’ ‘A Smear Of Ice-Cream,’ and ‘Puke Face.’


I’m becoming a bit of a stat obsessive lately and I find it interesting to see what countries people are from, and how they found me. A few months ago I saw a really funny search that someone had made, and so I’ve been keeping a record of the strangest ones ever since. These are the most random and obscure searches that people have typed into their search engine, and have stumbled across my blog.

A while ago I created a post based on fabulous acts of revenge. One of the examples included a girl posting a picture of her boyfriend’s lover’s dirty panties on Facebook, while another included how a man got even with his cheating ex-wife. Consequently, this means that dirty panty enthusiasts and vengeful ex’s find my blog by typing in these ditties…

‘Dirty panties.’
‘Soiled dirty thong.’
‘Sexy dirty panties.’
‘Revenge on cheating ex-wife.’
‘Satisfying revenge on my ex-wife.’
‘Email revenge.’
‘Cheaters spam revenge.’
And then there’s the random searches. Some I understand, others I don’t – I’ve kept the spellings exactly as they were written.
‘Puke face.’ (Good grief)
‘English girls & trousers humour.’
‘Try whistle girlfriend skinny.’
‘I want to post crap on a blog’ (slightly insulting that my blog appeared).
‘Pizza Express complaint.’
‘A fat log.’
‘How nuch are crap.’
‘Clever and funny pantomimes.’
‘Laughing Viking.’
‘I’m 99 sure that I’m a Disney princess.’
‘A smear of ice-cream.’
‘Attached dinner confidence.’
‘Why arnt here gay Disney prince.’
‘Meh blog.’ (Again, slightly insulted)

The mind boggles. Wishing you a goodnight… From ‘Puke Face.’

Picture Credit: google images

35 thoughts on “‘Laughing Viking,’ ‘A Smear Of Ice-Cream,’ and ‘Puke Face.’

  1. I’m going to start looking at my visitors as well. I have a scam blog where I post scam emails from Nigerian-type scammers. Everyday it seems that I have one or two visitors from…Nigeria.

  2. Great idea. I have no idea how blogs appear from some search words…like someone searched for “beaten belt cat” and my blog came up. I don’t think I’ve ever once used the word belt in any of my writing. “I want to post crap on a blog” and “meh blog”…that’s kind of funny although I can see why it would be insulting that your blog would pop up. Maybe in the blogging world the saying, “Any publicity is good publicity” holds some truth.

    • I think there may be a tenuous link because I posted something titled ‘How Much Crap Does One Person Need?’ about the contents of my handbag… Still, quite amusing that my blog turned up in such a search!!

  3. I cannot believe how far we have come with our technology while still stooping so low… sorry about your “stalkers” and freaks! Glad someone may be able to help you out of this weird stuff that is happening.

  4. I get a lot of people searching for “Playmate of the Month” who I expect are extremely disappointed when they arrive a picture of a Mancunian physicist.

    I find looking at search stats fascinating because of my job as a Web Analyst, it’s always funny to see how people get to your pages from the most random searches (around 500 million searches a day on Google are completely unique).

  5. It can be interesting to look at the search terms that brings one to your blog’s doorstep. My first blog, in its prime, brought people to my blog by searching for the terms, “broccoli”, “Scarlett Johannsen” and my personal favorite “girls with long tongues.” I also did a post on underwear preferences and ended up getting some self-appointed underwear “expert” who went into extensive detail about it, along with way more history than I really needed.

  6. This is hilarious! I’m always blown away by the weird searches that lead to my blog, but honestly they’re no match with yours – not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing πŸ˜‰ Personal favourite: “Pizza Express complaint”. Great post! πŸ˜€

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