A 4am Alarm Clock…


Wobbly is in the ‘cat house’ this morning after waking me up at 4am. There’s food in her bowl, she’s got clean water, a clean litter tray and her own comfy bed. However, for whatever reason, she thought it was appropriate to jump on my stomach and lick my face in the dead of night…

Obviously she’s clearly devastated about it! You’d think a 19 year old cat would sleep more. It’s a good job she’s cute…

Just a reminder that you can find me on Twitter @Suzie81 blog, and Tumblr Suzie81blog. I’ve been able to update them both seeing as I’ve been awake for hours!!!

23 thoughts on “A 4am Alarm Clock…

  1. Good job Wobbly!! I personally wake up my human in the middle of the night because I want to play. For some reason, she’s never real responsive to my promptings, though.

    If I’m hungry,I don’t just lick her face- I nibble at her nose.

    (PS). She does it because she loves you!

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