Photography Effects

I’ve been experimenting with different effects on some of my photographs that I thought I’d share with you…









51 thoughts on “Photography Effects

  1. I love taking pictures in London, it’s one of the most interesting and beautiful cities in the world. I find that without some digital assistance though, it’s quite difficult capturing the gradient grey skies with the darker buildings. These are awesome pictures you’ve taken and enhanced. Nice work.

  2. Love these pics, they make me want to visit London. You’ve done an amazing job with them. That first one is kind of dreamy. It had me mesmerized. Absolutely brilliant!

  3. Beautifully captured Suzie:) You reminded me of the crazy tour I had with my friends while I was in London!! Tower of Ben is a bit blurry but maybe it was due to the weather?? The effects are pretty good!

  4. Suzi, could I change one of your photos please and post it up just give you an idea else you can do when messing with images, which are very good btw and I will let you know how I have done it 🙂

      • Here you go
        If you look I have cropped out above and below as it pulls your eye away from the main focus, I have balanced the sides 🙂 When you are taking a photo of an object that has vertical and horizontal line such as the bridge, try and keep the horizontal lines straight. To do this effect within Photoshop have your original and copy it and make another layer and paste into the new layer, then turn the top layer black and white and then making sure the bw layer is on the top, then using the eraser tool rub, in this case, the advertisement and it displays the colour layer underneath. On my other blog I am writing photography lessons, extending the course I taught at school. Could you also contact me via my contact form on

        Hope you like it 🙂

  5. ok so I love them all but my favorite is the one of big ben ( I think thats what it is) . Sorry silly American here that is not up to date on English geography!

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