The Queen Of Procrastination

If I had a middle name, it would be ‘procrastination.’ I am the queen of finding alternative things to do despite knowing that important work needs to be completed.
A few months ago I set myself a ’90 Day Procrastination Challenge.’ I failed miserably. I set myself another challenge at the beginning of the summer, and while I am a little more successful this time around in my attempt to get organised, I still could have done far more. This is my current list of important things that I should be doing:
1. Marking and planning.
2. Organising and de-cluttering my possessions.
3. House – hunting.
4. Exercising and losing weight.
Granted, I have done SOME of this, but I find that I am doing these activities instead:
1. Socialising.
2. Blogging.
3. Editing photographs.
4. Playing with the cats.
5. Sleeping.
6. Watching Jeremy Kyle (UK talk show similar to Jerry Springer, without the fighting).
7. Blogging.
8. Scrap booking.
9. Travelling.
10. Blogging.
My reasons?
1. I’m lazy.
2. The tasks that need completing don’t interest me.
3. I enjoy writing more than exercising.
4. I enjoy scrap booking more than marking.
5. I enjoy watching TV more than cleaning.
6. I enjoy catching up with my friends more than any of it.
I make promises to myself, I avoid them and then get stressed and upset when I have to complete a task in a tenth of the time I originally had. I’ve lost sleep worrying about incomplete tasks that are due the following day. I’ll panic, rush to finish something, swear to myself that I’ll never do it again, and repeat the same process later on.
So, with two weeks to go before I have to go back to work, will I get it all done? I’ll start it now. Ooh, Zorro’s on – I’ll start it after that. Actually, maybe after Sunday lunch – me and The Bloke haven’t had one of those in ages…

26 thoughts on “The Queen Of Procrastination

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  2. Eh, the only important things are those that interest you, so I don’t even believe in procrastination. I’m in ultimate denial! I do like that first quote. Very interesting. You should probably be a blogger or photographer for a living going by that. Or a socialite. I still don’t know how being a professional socialite works though.

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  5. You sound like every college student I ever taught! They’d say “Oh, I got done, didn’t I? It was good enough.” I’d say to them, “Wouldn’t you like to find out what you’re REALLY capable of, given enough time on a project.” Back and forth we’d go . . .

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  9. Suzie you can’t start your list on a weekend, especially Sunday……Sunday is suppose to be for relaxing and blogging!! Monday is a different story….Monday is for those promises we tell ourselves that we will start at the beginning of the week like challenges,diets that fail by Wednesday and cleaning…..soooo rest up, watch Zorro and enjoy your time with the Bloke!!!

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  12. Glad I’m not the only procrastinator. I’ve had to write myself a list of all the things I need to before school starts and I’ve estimated how long it will take – approximately 4 days working 6-8 hours, however I’ve set aside 6 days set aside to take into account procrastination. Oh dear.

  13. Me too! After procrastinating my way through six years of uni I’m just starting to get my act together (just in time to finish my degree)! I think I finally got sick of having the stress and made it happen 🙂

  14. Oh, yes! I know this problem well! I always have a long back log of things I think I should/want to be doing. When I was younger I would feel guilty and fight with myself. I do think it’s good to “push the envelope” of one’s “comfort zone”, but you can only row so far up a river. (Jeepers, so many freakin’ clichés in one paragraph!) Now I just try to focus on the top two or three most important goals and as long as I’m not sitting around wondering what I should be doing I feel like things are ok.

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