Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus



I’m a little gutted that I posted my black and white/colour focus based photographs a few weeks ago – they would have been perfect. 
However, it has given me the opportunity to experiment further with others… This is a recent one, taken in London a a while ago.

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    • This was my process (I’m hanging my head in shame).

      1. Take iPhone out
      2. Point
      3. Click button
      4. Upload to instagram….

      I’m a shameless dunce when it comes to cameras. The Bloke has promised to start teaching me about settings though.

      • Haha! You’re so funny. You made me smile. There ain’t no shame in that. Photography is super hard and I am barely scratching the surface. The hubs has been helping me, too. I realize if I really want to learn I need to dedicate so much more time. It’s hard. An iphone photo can take some really cool shots like yours. You’re adorable!

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