A Day In The Life

I was feeling sluggish and bloated this morning and I woke up with horrible cramps and backache (not my favourite part of being a woman every month). However, it’s a gloriously sunny day and after doing a bit of housework I decided to try and cheer myself up by going into town. By town I mean Birmingham City Centre, and being the second biggest city in the UK it’s an enormous place to walk around.

I moved here in 2001, a few days afterΒ 9/11Β so in a few weeks I’ll have lived here for twelve years. I still vividly remember the first day I arrived at my Halls Of Residence with all my worldly possessions being able to fit in the back of my parents car. Since then I’ve built a life for myself here and I’ve never regretted it…

Anyway, I digress. I finally got a much needed haircut, after I received my annual telling off from my hairdresser. I always go to the same Toni and Guy salon – it costs a little more but the staff are friendly and the cut is always exactly what I want. It makes me smile how horrified they are at the state of my split-ends… I’m sure there are more important things to be concerned about in life.

Afterwards I had a nice stroll around in an attempt to relieve the cramps. It was payday yesterday so I took the opportunity to get a few cards and presents for my friends upcoming birthdays. It’s the BM’s birthday in a week and the fact that he’s the world’s biggest Dr Who fan makes it really easy to get him something that I know he’ll love from the comic book store. I discovered the new Lone Ranger Lego too, so I got The Bloke a set (I love the fact that I’m surrounded by geeks – it certainly makes life more interesting!). I treated myself to some perfume too – my favourite, Stella McCartney, was half price so I got two bottles.

When I got home I took advantage of the energy I seemed to still have and I sorted out the little jobs that needed finishing – paid various bills, booked a few appointments to see some houses (quite excited about one in particular) put the clean washing away, ordered Daisy’s cat food (she needs special hypoallergenic stuff because she has a bad stomach – she wasn’t looked after very well in the first few weeks of her life and has suffered stomach problems ever since), put flea treatment on all three cats, changed the litter trays, vacuumed the bedroom, put the recycling and rubbish out, washed and changed the bedsheets, did a little bit of planning for next week (boo) and then cooked dinner.

I finished the day by having a pint of cranberry juice at the pub with the BM. I haven’t seen him in a while so we had a bit of a catch-up. I’m actually a little bit worried about him – he’s recently split with his girlfriend and even though he’s attempting to put a brave face on it, he’s a lot more upset about it than he’s letting on. Still, it’s his birthday next week and I’m really hoping that his present will cheer him up. I walked home with a beautiful sunset behind me.

Quite a productive day all round!

14 thoughts on “A Day In The Life

  1. That filled your just fine but I wish you wouldn’t use BM…….as I have been used to using BM with the kids for Bowel Movement…… Now go back and read your last paragraph πŸ™‚

  2. Nothing like the Birmingham city center to take your mind off the Ughness and to get us moving. I love the city center. We used to live in Coventry before I moved to St.Lucia and on most weekends we would be over at Birmigham. Your post made me nostalgic..:( 😦

  3. Same thing happens to me at the hairdresser. I never really have a plan going in, just let the hairdresser do their thing. They always seem a bit bamboozled that I’m so laid back and don’t really care – as long as it’s not on my face they can just do whatever πŸ™‚

  4. Sympathize with the hair ends as well. Had a battle with a straight iron and my hair suffered almost from root to ends. Cutting it was not an option. Would have been way too short. Now it’s long and recovering. I haven’t used product; fewer washings, more conditionings and no dying. Oh, and the curl is finally springing back to life.

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