Triple Happiness

ImageHave any of you ever had an impending, persistent feeling of dread about something, only to find that the thing you were dreading was actually brilliant and you wished you hadn’t wasted all that time worrying about it?

This happened to me yesterday. I’d been dreading the return to work for a while and although I tried to keep myself busy I couldn’t shake the little anxious bubble that had seemed to manifest itself in the pit of my stomach. Getting out of bed yesterday was tough.

However, when I arrived I found that I was actually in quite a happy place – my colleagues are great and we all talked excitedly over each other about our holiday experiences, our exam results have improved massively since last year and so the data presentation given by our principal was positive and celebratory and we were provided a beautiful lunch as a thank you.

I love the idea that things happen in three’s, and yesterday afternoon was definitely proof of this. I was going through some assessment criteria with my boss and we were interrupted three times:

1. My faculty line manager walked in to show me an email that he’d received from a teacher at a primary school that I’ve been doing some workshops at. It was the nicest, most complimentary email I’ve ever had.

2. The ICT technician walked in to hand me a new iPad that the school had bought for me.

3. My faculty line manager’s boss walked in to tell me that as I’d come into work when it was technically my day off (I don’t work Monday’s) I could have Tuesday off instead.

What a brilliant day!

So here I am! I thought that I would take the opportunity to catch up with you all as I feel like I’ve barely looked at my blog. I’ve been delighted about the response that I had to my recent Blog Party so I’d like to thank all of you who submitted entries and reblogged various things – it was a brilliant opportunity to meet lots of new people and read some amazing stories! I’ve decided to make it a regular thing which will take place on the first day of each month. I also still have quite a few Guest Posts that I need to put up.

I’m off to catch up on all the posts that I’ve missed. If you are interested in following me on Twitter: @suzie81blog

Happy Blogging!

25 thoughts on “Triple Happiness

  1. I am so glad your day went swimmingly, moments of dread sometimes creep up on me. I am going for a cat scan in two weeks and was fine until I phoned to change the appointment time I was told that the specialist is coming in specifically to meet me…… Thanks how to put some at ease lol

      • The scan is to see how I am functioning without a brain lol well obviously that cannot be true. I have problems which funny enough I discussed yesterday, I have fibromyalgia and arthritis in majority of my joints and spine but I have problem with co ordination walking in a straight line to the point I was pulled over by the police and breathalised as they saw me walk to my car and suspected I was drunk. I had a scan 3 years ago and they questioned Ms so they are concerned hence the scan and visit to the neurologist. But what ever they fine nothing I can do about it. :-

  2. I am so happy for you! I think first day jitters and feelings of dread are normal. You asked do we have them? When do they occur, it is sometimes when a new thing starts or an activity that is unfamiliar occurs. I am a big worrier, so in my case, every other day!

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