A Busy Few Days!!!

ImageWow. The last few days have been manic.

Within 48 hours of handing in our notice to our current landlord, a lettings board went up outside our house and we had five people booked in for viewings. Unfortunately, this also meant that the individual jobs that needed doing suddenly had to be completed in the space of a few hours in the evening as we were both at work during the day, but The Bloke and I worked hard and got it all done. We also had to take the cats to my friend’s house as we didn’t want them to get under everybody’s feet as they were walking around. This morning the house was let immediately (I was really pleased for my landlord because that means he doesn’t lose out on any money) and on top of everything else I’ve been able to sell a few bits of furniture that we didn’t want to take with us to one of the interested tenants…

The first week back at work has been better than I thought. I’ve met some of my classes, the new additions to my tutor group are adorable and I’ve only got a few hours of work to do over the weekend which isn’t as bad as I expected. This Monday is also my first official day of being part-time, which I’m expecting to feel both wonderful and strange. I think the next few weeks will consist mainly of packing and organising, but at least I won’t have to be doing it all whilst having to work full-time. Brilliant.

Upon reflection I think we have been extremely lucky with how well everything has gone so far. We’ve had so many positive messages and offers of help from friends and family and after feeling low for such a long period of time I finally feel that things are going our way. We’re very blessed.

Hope you guys are all doing well – I’ve still got paperwork to fill out this afternoon but I thoroughly intend on catching up with you all and replying to your lovely comments over the next few days…

Happy Blogging!!

15 thoughts on “A Busy Few Days!!!

  1. I love reading your post’s!
    Happy blessings and may your year be full of great thins to come!! My daughter is a teacher. This is her first year. She is transitioning well but her stories are too funny. She teaches high school. :/
    Much love…

  2. Are we like sea snails… We out grow our old shell and we move on to a bigger place meanwhile a smaller snail says your old shell will be just fine! Happy move!

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