This is only the second time this week that I have been able to visit my blog. And oh, how I’ve missed it!!! I’ve missed everything – Daily Prompts, the Travel Challenge, the Word A Week Challenge, Weekly Photo Challenge, and most importantly I’ve missed the interaction that I’ve had with you guys that gives me so much enjoyment… However, despite my absence I’ve still been delighted from the lovely messages and comments that I’ve still continued to receive, so I wanted to say a huge thank you for that, and my apologies if I haven’t been able to reply!

The big move is tomorrow. Obviously, I’m the only person that has ever moved house in the history of the world which is why the majority of my posts have centred around this, so I promise that after tomorrow normal life and ramblings will resume. So far (and I hope that I am not jinxing myself by saying  this) but everything has gone fairly smoothly so far. Everything is packed, the removal van is booked and we’re a little ahead of ourselves, so that’s a positive thing.

However, this move has taught me a few things:

1. I will stop collecting so much crap. Me and The Bloke got into a habit of buying each other little presents whenever we went out, and even though we appreciate it, all the presents have been put on the side and have collected dust. I also need to downsize on the amount of books and DVD’s that I own – I’ve managed to fit them into six enormous boxes but there are still too many for my liking – I’ve  found that if I like a book I’ll keep it and re-read it, but I packed hundreds of books that I had no interest in reading again. My local charity shop is going to become my new best friend!

2. I will use this as an opportunity to save money. I have everything (and more) than I could possibly need and therefore need to stop frittering it away on pointless rubbish. I sat down and worked out (because that’s what a loser I am) that if I’d have saved 10% from every wage I’d earned from the age of 16 I would actually have enough to buy a house a pay off a large percentage of the mortgage. What scared me was that when Daisy fell ill I had to ask the Bloke for some money because I’d put everything I had into the deposit and rent, which I hated. I’ve always been financially independent and I will never put myself in that situation again.

3. I will stop worrying about situations that I cannot change and/or control. A few things came to light this week which revealed that I had a particular view of how my life was, when in fact the reality is very different. This isn’t necessarily anything to do with the move, but it has made me approach life in a different way. I think that for my own sanity and happiness I need to continue to do this, and while the experience wasn’t pleasant I am grateful that I had this new insight so I can begin to make positive changes.

While I’m a little sad at leaving a house that I’ve lived some of my happiest times in, I am reminded that I have something very positive to look forward to – as I write this I can hear my next door neighbour loudly faking it with whatever random man she has decided to invite round while her brat has a screaming tantrum in the next room – I am grateful that I will never have to hear and see her ever again!!!

I don’t wish pain on anyone, but if I could bestow something upon her, I hope that her crotch is infested with the fleas of a thousand camels, and may her arms be too short to scratch… 

20 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. i understand all of this. I have the full sets of Morse, Lewis, Yes Minister, Yes Prime Minister, movies that I have enjoyed years ago and then bought – I have two bookcases full. Books I have collected over the years and since there is not the room for all of them, I have books sealed in plastic boxes – that and “other things” My oldest son suggested once that my life is a plastic box. I don’t consider myself to be a hoarder and from time to time I do purge, but not as enthusiastically as I probably should.

  2. Thank you for posting this. It has reminded me that I need to continue to keep organize, save more money/ get rid of unneccessary expenses, and not to worry about things that I can’t control; and I need to hurry and find a new place. I think you have also reminded me that I need to revisit and prioritize my to-do list.

  3. Clearly moving is a very healthy, thought provoking activity. Hmm, since we moved here early in our marriage we have stayed put. We have extended, built a few more bookcase, extended again, more book cases… I think it is too late to move and we are rather happy here. Hope your new home proves as durable, happy and productive.

  4. My Dad was military, we picked and set down in different countries, then different states, then different ends of the same state; every move warranted more book cases. I’ve been fifty years away from home and have book cases in every room and stacks more beside them. Once a bibliophile…hire another van. Regarding your neighbor, may your fondest wishes come true.

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