A Lady Wot Lunches…

Ah, Monday. I love Mondays. It is fast becoming my favourite day of the week. I have Mondays off now and I genuinely look forward to them – gone are the Sunday night blues and even though the cat woke me up at 5.45am this morning I didn’t mind as I know that I have the whole day ahead of me to do as I please. Bliss.

It has taken me a little while to get used to it – I’ve always been lucky enough to have a full-time job since graduating in 2005 and it was a huge step to realise that I wasn’t coping well earlier this year and request to go .8, but work have been amazingly supportive and even gave me Mondays off without me requesting it specifically. I was initially worried about money, but i’ve lost a lot less than I expected so as long as I am careful I’ll be fine, even with the unexpexcted vets bills for Daisy. There’s the added bonus that one of my closest friends, MRH is also off on Mondays so I can occasionally be a ‘lady wot lunches.’

I have quite a list to get through today – washing and unpacking (I’ve still got a mountain of boxes to get through), food shopping and general organising as best I can around the chaos that exists while the building work is going on – but I also have quite a bit of time devoted to improving myself. I’m going to go for a run, I have a counselling appointment booked for this afternoon and I am going to have a long hot bubble bath and a pampering session. I also need to go into town – it’s The Bloke’s birthday later in the month so I have a few things that I want to buy him and it will be a lot easier to shop for him when he isn’t with me.

I also need to buy a few bits and pieces for ‘Fireside,’ a homeless shelter that we donate to every year. We decided that we would start collecting things a little earlier this year – we have lots of boxes that we can fill full of things every month that will help others during the winter season and so we’ll buy things each month and then deliver them in December. There are lots of offers around where we can buy 3 for 2 of toiletries and tinned food items, and The Bloke always buys sleeping bags to add to it. I wish that I could give more, but if it helps just one person then I’m happy. We’re also going to buy a large amount of animal food and deliver it to our local RSPCA centre too – if I can’t adopt the millions of animals out there at least I can feed some of them for a little while!! If I have time when I get back, I’ll put on a girly film and me and the cats can have a cuddle on the couch.

It always makes me smile when I read stories about people that have won the lottery and then hearing them proclaim that such a large amount of money wouldn’t change their lives. Rubbish. If I suddenly came into money it would absolutely change the way I lived and I would use it to do some good for others. I’d quite happily be a lady wot lunches every day!!

Hope your Monday is a happy one!!



14 thoughts on “A Lady Wot Lunches…

  1. Love Mondays too.
    I didn’t realize you live in B’ham. I traveled there monthly for 25 years. I stayed at the Wyn. at RiverChase Mall.
    Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

  2. I have a Friday off. No one calls me on a Friday and even if they did I would not give up my Friday off. I have meetings on a Saturday so I have to travel down to Adelaide on the Friday, but this only happens once every five weeks – but MY logic says I might as well take every Friday off and be done with it. Glad you have your Bliss back. Have a great working day!

  3. Admittedly, I kind of envy your Monday-off. I always think we should have 3 off-days a week. Like Sat to Mon –> Sat for taking a rest, Sun for doing what we want to do, and Mon for preparing ourselves for the next working days.

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