The Best Children’s Halloween Costumes Ever


As I seem to be in the Halloween spirit, I decided to investigate some potential ideas for costumes. I came across this picture of a child dressed as Edward Scissorhands which I thought was just fabulous, so I thought I’d share with you some others that I discovered.

Napoleon Dynamite

ImageAnna Wintour – Vogue Editor

ImageBatman (pic copyright of themclellans.Flickr)

ImageChinese Take-Away Box

ImageThe Flintstones

ImageChief Brody

ImageSun Maid Raisins



Stay Puft

ImageHarry Potter


The Cutest Lobster Ever


Edward Scissorhands and the Queen of Hearts

ImageI loved all of these (although I must admit I was a little disturbed to see a few pics of children dressed as characters from ‘A Clockwork Orange’). They’ve certainly given me a few ideas!!


16 thoughts on “The Best Children’s Halloween Costumes Ever

  1. You have found wonderful and amusing Halloween children’s costumes! Have me laughing at the Pillsbury dough boy and the Edward Scissorshands! So creative but you took the time to find them to give us smiles! Thanks!

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  3. Reblogged this on Steve Says… and commented:
    Love this lost from Suzie. She went for the cutesy Halloween photo option whereas the one I did last week went for the more bizarre. What does that say about us as people?

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