Strange Dreams

It’s 4am and I’m wide awake. The Bloke is snoring next to me and Wobbly is asleep between my feet. I’ve just started to hear birdsong, I think.

I hate it when this happens. I feel a little spaced out as I had some really strange dreams last night that scared me a little, so I’ve resorted to blogging to try and calm my brain down. My brain has a habit of constantly processing information in situations like this and I have an unfortunate tendency to overthink things.

I’ve always had vivid dreams that often take place in weird and wonderful locations and I become involved in situations that make no sense with any connection of my actual life. I often remember them the next day and sometimes write them down in an effort to make sense of them. For example, I once had an extremely long dream that I was in the graveyard near the house that I grew up in (that I haven’t seen for nearly thirteen years)  and I was under attack from a rather scary army of New Zealanders. I had to convince them that I was one of them or they would kill me. Even more strange is the fact that I’ve never been to New Zealand and don’t know anyone from there. In the same week I found myself hosting a party in the Arizona desert (which I’ve never visited). I’ve had dreams where I’ve been able to fly and breathe under water, I’ve been friends with celebrities, I’ve fallen in love with a man I’ve never seen before, I’ve suddenly become fluent in languages that I can’t speak and I’ve even been on stage, performing in a play that I can’t remember any of the lines for.

A recurring set of dreams that I have involve my job. One of my most frequent occurrences is that I’m in a school that I don’t know, I can’t find my timetable and my computer isn’t working. I am panicked because I know that the students are waiting and I am followed around by an angry member of staff who is yelling at me for my lack of organisation. Another is that I’m in a classroom with the kids and they won’t stop talking.

The worst are the ones in which I lose someone important. These usually panic me and involve phonecalls the next day to check everything is ok.

What about you? Do you have vivid dreams?

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  1. Yup. And I too am up at this ungodly hour! I’ve been doing this for a couple of months now. I don’t know what’s waking me up. I was dreaming just now I know. I don’t know what it was about. But I woke feeling a bit worried about something! At least we can blog. ;)x

  2. I always have vivid dreams. I’m always telling people about my crazy, vivid dreams! I love them because it’s definitely a whole new world for me. I think I heard something about people who take any antidepressants tend to dream more vividly and have a better chance at remembering their dreams. =) Not saying you’re taking medicine, but I believe that is one of the reasons that I tend to dream so crazy! =)

    I have a Dreamer’s Dictionary and tend to write my dreams in my journal the second I wake up b/c I don’t want to forget mine. (except for the sad/scary dreams…those can be forgotten about!) hehe.

  3. Yes, I had a recurrent dream for a couple of years until I realized what it meant, and then it was gone for good. In another bizarre dream, I died. I had frequent dreams of different houses in which I wandered about and others frequently in which I got lost in a school and couldn’t find my classroom or class I was supposed to be teaching. They have explanations of a sort, and I understand that your age in the dream also affects the interpretation. That’s a whole other world!

    • Wow that’s a lot to think about! I’ve had dreams where I died too, but I heard that if you dream you die, you actually die in real life, which obviously isn’t true as we’re both still here!

  4. I used to have very vivid dreams up until about a year ago when I started taking depression/anxiety meds. Now the dreams come in strange, hazy snippets that make no sense and often freak me out more than than probably would if they were a whole dream I could remember. I also have a recurring dream that involves a train crash, wherein the train was carrying circus animals that escape and create mayhem. Scary!

  5. So you are a dream traveller? My dreams are generally mundane except for the time I found out my (female) boss was really a man… that was weird and it took me an age to act normally around her again….

  6. I once fell asleep on my couch and dreamed I was attacked by angry New Zealanders. I woke up and found a ‘Flight of the Condors’ DVD case on my coffee table. Then I looked out my window and saw a rooster with a cigar in his mouth. As Freud once said, “Sometimes a rooster is just a rooster.” I know, this probably does not help much.

    • It certainly is very interesting! I found the New Zealand thing strange – I’ve never been there. Perhaps it was Lord of the Rings inspired…

  7. I hate having emotions carry from dreams to the waking world. They always set the tone for the new day and normally not in the way you’d like them to. I also have the dreams where I can breathe under water, or basically just hold my breath forever. Strange they are, dreams.

  8. Awake at 4 am… poor you 😦 I do have recurrent dreams, one of which goes back to my childhood and involves a musty spiral staircase with awful flowery wallpaper. The ceiling slowly gets lower and lower…. I have another recurrent nightmare, but it repeats a bad personal experience, so unfortunately I have little hope of getting shot of it.

  9. Your dreams sound kind of scary. And I’m jealous, because I very rarely remember my dreams. And if I do then it is only short snippets. Dreaming sounds so exciting!

  10. I was newly married to a widower with three children. In my dream, I followed my new husband to an apartment building. I climbed up the fire escape and looked in the window. My husband was there with another woman. I heard him say he was only with me because of the children. I woke up crying and kicking and hitting the bewildered man. The weird thing was, at the time there were no apartments in this road but they were built about ten years later. My husband couldn’t visit them because we had moved right away for his work. If I am stuck when writing my stories, I quite often get the answer in my dreams. I used to tell my husband my strange dreams, he suffered for years. Now, I have a notebook by the bed and write them down straight away otherwise they just go. I love to hear your dreams. Thank you.

    • wow thanks for sharing! That must have been quite a scary experience – I’ve had dreams where my partner has cheated on me and my therapist thinks that it is because of underlying insecurities I have. Thank goodness you have an understanding husband!

  11. I love that I’m one of the seemingly-minority that remembers their dreams. I dream about paintings, and then I paint them in real life, so I guess my dreams are my muse, as well as a source of entertainment. I don’t watch too much TV, but I just happen to absorb a lot of pop culture into my mind. Osmosis, I guess.

    Anyway, a lot of celebrities make guest appearances in my dreams. I once had a dream that it was my job to show a special guest around the movie set I was working on. Three Tom Sellecks then stood in the doorway – Magnum PI, Mr Baseball and Three Men and a Baby Tom. I woke up laughing my balls off. Another time, my dad and I ruined Ed Begley Jr’s boat, and he chased us around a marina. I’ve also accidentally killed Cobra Commander and was hunted down by Destro and his ninjas, which was absolutely terrifying, even when I woke up.

    I write these all down in various notebooks that someone might find one day and wonder what I was smoking. (Nothing at all.)

  12. I had the stupidest dream a few weeks ago. It was one of those weekends where Hubby decided to take on some extra driving on a Saturday (and didn’t come home until Sunday). I ended up only seeing him part of Sunday that way – I had to return to work Monday while he was home. So I had this stupid dream where I was the other woman! He had me meet him at a local coffee shop, and he was there for lunch with his wife (a blonde woman I did not recognize), and the closest I got to him was holding his hand in the check out line. I think the dream represented him putting his job before me that weekend (his job is the “other woman”).

  13. My dreams are also intensely vivid. In fact, I’ve gotten several story ideas from them. I’ve dreamed that I could breathe under water. I have falling dreams fairly frequently, but they don’t wake me up anymore. Instead I’ve learned to brace myself for the landing—so weird. Just last night I had a few zombie-themed dreams because I’d watched The Walking Dead right before bed. When my little one woke up crying at 1:30am, I was in the middle of one of the dreams and naturally thought there was a zombie after my kid. Not fun.
    I love dreaming, but I could do without the nightmares. Couldn’t we all?

  14. Unless I’m stressed, I’m usually a pretty sound sleeper – so this rarely happens to me. Happened last week that I woke at 4:45 due to snow plows going full tilt outside. After trying to go back to sleep for an hour, I finally just went outside and started shovelling. It was a good workout. How’s that for a glass half full view of life? Go Monday! And hope you get caught up on your zzzz’s.

  15. Bloody New Zealanders…

    Haha.Wow, you remember a lot of your dreams! That’s amazing. I used to. I do in waves. I think it depends on my state of mind. I’ve yet to work that out. I don’t usually get recurring ones like you though. They’re stand-alone, very vivid, and extremely weird. Miley Cyrus and I once found a Transformer (like the movie robots) in an abandoned house in a field and it helped us take down an army and save our friends.That was weird.

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