Procrastination Central Courtesy of YouTube.

I read a post recently by one of my favourite bloggers, Kaela, who included a fabulous video of Jimmy Fallon and The Roots performing ‘All I Want For Christmas’ on classroom instruments with Mariah Carey. Consequently, when I settled down to start doing some marking I was reminded of this and as a result have been on YouTube for nearly two hours.

The problem with YouTube is the variety of sheer fabulousness that exists in the big wide world – one brilliant video links to another, what starts as a quick ‘sneaky peak’ turns into a marathon viewing session and by the time you realise what you’re doing you’ve watched hundreds of moments of silliness, heartbreak, hilarity and genius. It’s an emotional rollercoaster.

As I’ve already wasted such a monumental amount of time I decided to make the process worthwhile by creating a ‘boredom playlist.’ You don’t have to watch all of these, but if you’re ever feeling despondant and irritable, here is a collection of some ridiculous musical based videos that I’m sure will keep you entertained. Unless you’re mature. Or sensible. Or relatively normal. Or you’ve seen them twenty times already.

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots featuring Robin Thicke: Blurred Lines on classroom instruments. (Late Night With Jimmy Fallon)

Misheard Song Lyrics (PleatedJeans)

Call Me Maybe Chatroulete (Steve Kardynal)

Living on a Prayer (with the help of a goat or two) (Miguel Rubio)

Christina Bianco Sings with Nineteen Different Voices (Christina Bianco)

Michael Buble Sings With a Fifteen Year Old Fan (Michael Buble)

Literal Version Of Total Eclipse Of the Heart (artistwithouttalent)

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12 thoughts on “Procrastination Central Courtesy of YouTube.

  1. Excellent! I just, not 10 mins ago, finished watching the episode from Monday where Jimmy played that video again with Mariah. Might I recommend two film students’ video of “Sail” from AWOL nation.

  2. Dude, I waste my life on Youtube looking at various cooking shows and hair tutorials. I really started wasting my life when I found out about “Two Greedy Italians”. It’s an hour long BBC show that follows these two older gentlemen around Italy, their homeland. It’s the cutest thing ever! They both met because they were cooks, and one of them still cooks professionally. They are such fun to watch!

  3. Jimmy Fallon and The Roots featuring Robin Thicke: Blurred Lines on classroom instruments – this is one of my alltime favorite things.

  4. I hate when I go to watch one freakin’ clip on YouTube and end up there for hours. It’s like going to the store needing one thing and walking out with a car full of merchandise.

  5. Funny – my wife got called in last night on her duty day in the OR, and after I finished posting my latest blog, what do I do instead of the plethora of things that actually need to be done: waste an hour or two in the YouTube rabbit hole! Thanks for the post – and the immature links. Love it!!

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