Small Christmas Hats = Rather Grumpy Cats

The biggest achievement in my sad little world last year was the fact that I managed to get all three cats in Christmas hats for a long enough time where I could take a photograph. Since we moved house I have lost the hats, so as part of my prep for Christmas this year I thought I would post last year’s pictures. I know, I know… Cat lady alert…


Sleepy Daisy – ignore the mess in the background I was in the middle of wrapping presents…



And the ultimate…


All three… Not the happiest kitties I’ve ever seen…

Poor things… Made me smile though!!


24 thoughts on “Small Christmas Hats = Rather Grumpy Cats

  1. They didn’t run and hide from you for days for subjecting them to that kind of embarrassment?! (Shock face) and then you post it in your blog…on the Internet!! Hahaha…love it!

  2. LOL! The last picture looks like it was taken at a compulsory office Christmas party where everyone is bored out of their minds and just waiting to go home and have a real Holiday shindig 😀

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