Derek the Stealth Chicken

There’s a chicken in my back garden. I don’t know where it has come from, who owns it or how it got in as the garden is surrounded by high fences. It is a very friendly chicken – it walked over to The Bloke quite happily – I’m a bit concerned though as I know that there are lots of cats around. I’ve called it Derek.


I’m going to go and speak to the neighbours and see if Derek belongs to them…

Poor Derek!


26 thoughts on “Derek the Stealth Chicken

  1. Funny! Looks like your cat is thinking chicken dinner! Some chickens can fly. My California Whites would fly out if I left the gate closed because we were going to be gone, or a coyote was hanging around. If you like fresh eggs, and can’t find the owner, keep it. You don’t need a rooster to get eggs. Just to fertilize them.

  2. Aw, cute!! I love how your kitty is interested in him. =)
    Have you ever seen “Orange is the new black” on Netflix? There’s a funny episode where she sees a chicken and everyone goes nuts because they’re in a prison. lol.
    I hope he gets home safe! =)

  3. Nice! and Derek is a lovely name! A while back, we had grown these wildflowers on the side of our house, and they attracted a resident bunny. As long as the flowers remained, the bunny was there during the spring. We never named it, though.

  4. So what happened to derek in the end? I’m really curious now. Personally I would keep him if he didn’t have a owner….if he decided to stay that is.

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