The Festive Spirit Has Finally Arrived…

I must admit, I haven’t been feeling the spirit of the impending holidays over the last few weeks. I love Christmas, but I think the pressures of the last few months have taken over and the whole season has snuck up on me, tapped me on the shoulder and screamed in my face when I least expected it.

This all changed today, however, when The Bloke and I decided to go into town and stay there until we had finished getting everything we need. It was quite a dull and miserable day, but we got there early enough to appreciate the German Market before the rest of Birmingham decided to join us and it was actually possible to see what was on offer at the various stalls.


The most popular stall at the market


Stuff they never knew they needed… until now!

We were also able to move around successfully in Selfridges, which at this time of the year is virtually impossible. They’ve done an absolutely stunning job with the decorations inside…


I love the lights…


More stuff I didn’t know I needed…

I had a great time – I’ve bought all my presents and finished wrapping them when I got home. I was also able to treat myself a little by spending some of my Waterstones book vouchers that I received for my birthday. I bought Tom Cox’s ‘The Good, The Bad and The Furry,’ as I’ve been an avid follower of Tom and The Bear, his ‘Sad Cat’ on Twitter for a while now (@MYSADCAT). It appears to be customary to post a picture of your purchase with your cat and tweet it to Tom, so I did just that with Wobbly, my 19 year old tortie. She was clearly ecstatic by the early Christmas present…


Absolutely delighted…

What a brilliant day! I may even go out again tomorrow to try and get a few last minute surprises for The Bloke – he was with me for most of today and therefore it was quite difficult to get anything for him.

Hope you’re enjoying the last part of your weekend!!

21 thoughts on “The Festive Spirit Has Finally Arrived…

  1. Glad you were able to get your shopping done. I did all of my shopping on I hate having to deal with crowds and it’s bad enough that I have to do grocery shopping at this time of the year. Those decorations were beautiful!

    • They’re stunning aren’t they! I love the process of buying gifts and then wrapping them and I might be a bit naughty in saying I don’t totally trust the postal service which is why I don’t often buy online…

      • I agree about the postal service, but that’s what I love about If there is a problem with the shipping, they simply send out another shipment. I only had this problem once and ended up receiving the original shipment like a month later or something. What was even nicer about it was that Amazon allowed me to keep both shipments without charging me extra. Their customer service is phenomenal!

  2. Your photos are always so much fun to see. We on the other side of the pond get a visual taste of Britain. All the posts are such fun to read.
    I’ve purchased quite a few gifts from ETSY and have been so pleased. I think it’s required that everything be handmade. What I love, aside from the beauty and craftsmanship of the items, are the personal notes from every business owner. They want you to love their products and they go out of their way to ask if they can do anything special, like include a note, or change a color or size. Then they write again as a follow up. Fabulous experience. Don’t know about British post, but in US, it is excellent.
    Happy Holidays, Suzie and Bloke.

  3. “Stuff they never knew they needed” indeed! Just a side rant on Nutella: they try to make it sound healthy but the top two ingredients are palm oil and sugar! Your city looks very festive, enjoy the season.

    • It always makes me laugh when Nutella is advertised as a ‘healthy’ breakfast. I just love the fact that it tastes fabulous on crepes!!! Thanks for your comment!

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