More Moons… ;)

At the minute the weather is bloody miserable. It’s cold, snowing, blowing a force ten gale and has consequently ruined our plans to visit the German Market again this evening.

This morning couldn’t have been more different. It was still cold, but the air was crisp and calm and there was a near full moon in the clear sky. As I was ready at 6.30am, I took my camera outside and attempted to take some pictures.

This was the result. With the assistance of a dustbin (I didn’t have a tripod) I managed to get this:

ImageIt was taken with my Canon PowerShot SX270 HS (Compact) camera

Hope you’re all doing well!

49 thoughts on “More Moons… ;)

  1. what a amazing picture!!! I’ve tried to take pictures of the moon with my phone and it looks like a little dot!!! haha….should try it with one of my cameras that are just laying around the house!

  2. What a fantastic shot of the moon, I was out last night and I noticed the moon was full and the sky was clear but again I was freezing, wanted home and didn’t have my camera lol. If you zoom in you may see the Chinese moon buggy taking samples 🙂

      • The problem with point and shoot lenes is that when the go from optical to digital its the camrea doing the work rather then the lens and when looked at on the computer and zoomed in it starts to break up. But its still a great image and I live it, but again its easier to get a shot like that with a point and shoot and a bridge camera then pro camera as you dont have to do much. So well done and may it continue 🙂

  3. That’s awesome. I tried taking a picture of the moon too, funny how everyone is noticing it.
    Off topic: How are you doing with the guessing game over at Clown on Fire? I think I messed up horribly, but they’re being really tricky.

      • Yes! It seemed like the author was trying to hide their gender while still telling a personal family story, hard to do. I follow Clown, Rara, and Weebs, just started reading the other two this week. I thought Monday’s was Madame Weebles because she would do something crazy like that with the turkey, but I think it’s really Jen because she’s single and writes about dating. So I messed up right from the start. What a fun group though!

  4. Can’t say I have taken photographs of the moon. Excellent photograph. Fire bans in place across the State, temperature 44c – wind NNE. A tad on the warm side. Emergency Services on full alert for the next few days.

  5. Love the picture. The bane of my existence is that my cell phone camera can’t take a good pic of the moon. I spent all last summer with about a dozen pics of what looked like a blurry glowing blob.

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