Three Lessons to Go…


The image doesn’t match, I just thought it was cute…

It’s Friday, it’s payday and it’s the last day of work before Christmas. I’ve sent my cards, given my Secret Santa gift, got my Christmas jumper ready and marked as much as I possibly can. The holidays are just three lessons away and although I’ll spend the majority of it marking and completing data spreadsheets at least I can do so in the comfort of my own home.

Tonight is the staff party, and therefore normal blogging will resume tomorrow, undoubtedly accompanied by an enormous hangover.

Happy Friday!

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12 thoughts on “Three Lessons to Go…

  1. I am sincerely sorry that I did not participate in ‘Q3’. However, I do hope that you have a splendid Christmas, and a well-deserved rest to help you face the new term. If you have the time, and wish to peek into something new on the train, you might care to sample – or if you know of anyone of an aviation bent, then
    Firstly, an apology; ‘shortfinals’ is 50% aviation (alternating posts) but the rest is everything from invasive species to industrial archeology, from riverine trade to Roman ruins. I do hope that you like it – the search box is in the bottom right corner, and there are over 470 pages.

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