An Early Christmas

The Bloke and I are spending the holidays separately with our individual families, so we had our own little celebration yesterday. We started by watching Disney’s Frozen at the cinema, (we have a collective age of 77, but we love a bit of Disney) followed by a trip to the German Market as it was the last day. The film was quite good – it has a little too much in common with ‘Tangled,’ one of my favourites, the fabulous vocal capabilities of the amazing Idina Menzel couldn’t save some of the mediocre songs and I found it a little odd that there isn’t really a main ‘villain’ figure, but it was enjoyable all the same.

When we returned home I cooked us Christmas dinner (I forgot the stuffing), and we gorged ourselves until we felt a little sick. As I come from a family that celebrates excessively with food, I find it extremely difficult to cook for just two people, and consequently our festive spread could easily have fed five or six people.

We then exchanged gifts, and as usual I was thoroughly spoiled – The Bloke bought me several books and a beautiful Pandora charm to add to my ever-growing collection.

We finished the day by watching ‘A Muppets Christmas Carol,’ during which I fell asleep.

A lovely way to finish a lovely day.

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17 thoughts on “An Early Christmas

  1. Honk-a-donk and I did something similar! On Friday just gone we had a pretend Christmas day, in which we woke up to Bucks Fizz and opened all our presents, and then later on cooked a yummy Christmas dinner. Has to be said, we were both super tired the whole day; I had woken up twice in the night from excitement to open my presents… Haha. Glad you had a good pretend Christmas too! 🙂

  2. I am glad you both had a great day, there has been just the two of us for the past 3 years, we have cooked and served Christmas dinner for the last 24 years and decided after the son and his family moved to Wales that we would spend it on our own, best decision ever, no manic rushing about, taking time to open our pressies, Christmas meal on our knee in front of the telly, it’s bliss.
    A black cloud hangs over this year slightly, my mother had a heart attack yesterday she was on holiday with my sister and her husband in a cottage for Christmas so she is waiting to be transferred to another hospital to have a stent fitted and will be in for Christmas. My wife’s mother is also in hospital with a massive infection due to a stone in her pancreas, possible left over from when she had her gall bladder removed and will also be in hospital over the festive season
    This is just another sign that Christmases will come and go, we drink and be merry but life still moves forward, 25th December each year also reminds us that we do have love ones who may not be with us the next 25th.
    So may I ask who ever reads this to take a moment out of your celebrations to stop and think, offer up a pray, a thought for those who are in hospital, fighting in a war, separated from their family or working to keep us safe, fix us if we fall ill and there just in case.
    The 25th is a bench mark for the rest of the year what we do, how we behave and who leave us behind in anyway.
    So have a fantastic day where ever you are, what ever your doing – Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all.

  3. Have a very wonderful holiday – sounds like a great start.

    A word of caution: Disney is VERY AGGRESSIVE about anyone using their trademark images – and everything Disney is trademarked – without their explicit permission. Nothing Disney is in public domain – nothing. You might want to consider removing the image from Frozen – just to be safe. I’m not a Disney exec, (not attached to Disney in any way) but I do know about this aspect of the company. Even if you gave credit to Disney for the image, they would be likely to go after you legally. I just don’t want you to face any trouble.

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