A Brand New Me?

ImageI had a post already finished and saved for the end of the year. I had spent hours creating it, reviewing the events of the last twelve months, setting targets, thanking people and creating resolutions in which I would commit to becoming a brand new me.

There’s nothing new about this: every year I make myself the same promises to improve myself. I always start positively, excited about the potential of what the new year brings. However, after a few weeks, inadvertently, life gets in the way, and I find myself falling back into old habits. This is then made far worse that I mentally chastise myself for not completing something, which leads to a negative feeling about the start of the year.

There are lots of things that I’m sure are frustrating about me.

  • I’m the queen of procrastination and if I can find a way to create a shortcut I will use it.
  • I repeat myself.
  • I bore my friends and family with knowledge of pointless facts and information about celebrities.
  • When a song that I adore is played in public I have a habit of singing along loudly to it.
  • I sometimes don’t think before speaking and have had to explain myself after accidentally offending someone.
  • I am useless at replying to text messages and missed phonecalls, and I always forget my friends birthdays.
  • I hate washing up and so The Bloke has to do it.
  • I can sometimes be extremely negative, get stressed easily and have to work hard to control my temper.
  • I’m messy and disorganised.
  • I am incapable of doing anything in moderation.
  • I change my mind a million times a day.
  • I worry about silly things.
  • I am hopeless at saving money.
  • I have a nasty addiction to all foods that are bad for me, eat enormous quantities of it and then get upset when I can’t fit into my favourite items of clothing.
  • I can’t stand adverts in between television programmes and will channel hop for hours.
  • I make plans and later have a lack of motivation to follow them through.

I’m glad I do all these things. I’ve worked hard to get to this point and they are all part of what makes me… me.

I like me, and the people that I care about do as well (at least, I hope they do). I can look at myself in the mirror at the end of each day and know that I have done my best, and in my opinion that’s all that matters.

I’d love to be a thinner me, a richer me, a more intelligent me – I think most of us would. However, my hope for 2014 is that I am a happy me.

I was reminded of this song the other day by my bloggy friend, Kaela, which I thought would be appropriate to share at the point.

I hope you have a happy you, too! Happy New Year!

Written in response to the Daily Prompt.

Image credit: pinkchocolatebreak.com
Video credit: Pharrell Williams

60 thoughts on “A Brand New Me?

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  2. Suzie, have ever thought that you were a twin? If you ever have then hello sister, your list is spot on to my traits and mannerisms…….. I think my father worked in Fleetwood at one time πŸ˜‰ Has your father ever been to Cleethorpes or Grimsby lol Happy New Year to you my clone πŸ™‚

      • Wellllllll I did watch him in John Carpenters Vampires 2 last night and recorded it at the same time lol.

        Your welcome Suzie, without support we wouldn’t be able to carry on and I would hate to think what the children would do without you in their lives. πŸ™‚

      • Only the truth, I know its a bit soppy but the children are our future and if we dont put the faith in the adults who see our children more than some parents then these children are going to wander this world without purpose. Teachers get a lot of stick about holidays but I have worked along side teachers and felt the stress and hugged a couple as they breakdown in tears because of the work load, if parents can just see what happens after 3.30 and see teachers still working at midnight they would be shocked. πŸ™‚ I support you all 110% πŸ™‚

  3. There are a few of those things that I do too and as I was reading through the list I thought, “that doesn’t sound too bad, who decides what’s right and wrong anyway?” (Except forgotten birthdays, I am terrible about that too…) but this reminded me that we all struggle with things that other people don’t, and there are other things we’re really good at, and that’s okay.
    Suzie81, may you have a wonderful New Year, keep your blog alive, I love your posts. πŸ™‚

  4. Spot on. Don’t make them, don’t break them. Be who you are. Lots of practice at it. I don’t even want to list my traits but I recognise quite a few in your list. πŸ˜‰ Happy New Year, Suzie, when it arrives. All the best for 2014 and keep on being you! πŸ™‚ x

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  6. i would love to do almost all the things you have listed and which you don’t like πŸ˜› Many many warm wishes for a very happy new year to you ! Love xx

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  10. If I weren’t in the states, and much older than you, I’d swear we are related. You have the same “afflictions as I do!” Have a wonderful New Year!!

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  13. Reading your bullet points was like looking into a mirror…I mean, I am you and you are me and we are altogether…No, no, no. I mean, I am the walrus…No, no, no. You see what had happened was…Stop!
    What I am trying to say (write) is that I mirror quite a few of your “things that I’m sure are frustrating about me.” They frustrate me not. I like me and in turn I must like you. Keep up the good work. I thoroughly enjoy your posts.
    Peace, ~victoria

  14. You are amazing. Think how many people don’t know themselves at all. You have the realness part covered. That should be the resolution for 2014. Be Real. That may just be where the happiness comes from.

  15. I love this whole post! Learning to be comfortable with who we are is a beautiful gift.
    You’re wonderful and I’m so glad we connected on here! Thanks for the link up. πŸ˜‰

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  17. I LOVED reading your post about all the frustrating things that add up to a perfect you! Thanks so much to Susie Lindau for including us in her wild ride.

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