Obscure Search Terms for 2013

confused-blackfive-net_As it is the final day of the year I decided to review my search engine terms since the birth of my blog in April. I have posted some of these during the year, but there have been a number of wonderful additions to add to the list since then. Some have made me smile, some have made me think. Some, in fact, have left me utterly confused.

There are certainly some strange and unusual people out there…

To date, my most popular search has been ‘Things to Be Thankful For,’ which I think is quite sweet, although it does leave me wondering how miserable these people must be if they have to use Google for ideas. This is closely followed by Leah Remini, who I mentioned in a post about Saved By The Bell. There have been a much wider variation of the search for Leah of late, possibly inspired by her controversial fall-out with the Scientology movement:

Leah Remini
Leah Remini saved by the bell
saved by the bell Leah remini
Leah remini in saved by the bell
was leah remini on saved by the bell

and finally…

Leah Remini’s tits.

There’s always one. Well, actually, there’s more than one. I created a post about a hidden picture of a topless woman in Disney’s ‘The Rescuers,‘ and mentioned in another that a scorned woman had posted a picture of her boyfriend’s secret lover’s dirty panties on Facebook when she discovered their affair. Consequently, these have created some extremely interesting search terms for me…

Blog Boobs
Girls dirty panties
Soiled dirty panties
Dirty panties
Sexy dirty painties

confused-babyWhile I think that I can link most of the search terms used to a specific post, there were a few that I found to be random and quite confusing…

afat log
laughing viking
try whistle girlfriend skinny
write one liners related to life. 4 example : . . life is an ice-cream, enjoy it before it melts! . @ / .. . life is ______________
bomb bein made to kill half of america
Cars crashed in weird places
(I think that this may link to the post that I did about Celebrity death jokes)
A smear of ice-cream (why does ice-cream keep appearing???)
how nuch are crap
How much crap

The best one of these has got to be this:

how many drops of eyedrops does it take to make someone poop (I fear for this person)

Then there are searches that I find quite insulting that my blog has come up.

I want to post crap on a blog. (Nice. Thanks for that.)
meh blog
masculinity blog (Strange, considering I’m a woman)
A blog about an annoying teacher

Rottenecards_4510696_88c9q44fw6Of the 3,000 search terms that I have received this year, there were two absolutely outstanding search terms and I couldn’t decide who should be awarded the gold medal. They made me laugh, confused me and made me question what on earth I have written on my blog that would lead these terms to me. Consequently, I have decided to award both of them the joint first prize for entertainment value…

a situation that needs to get unfucked 

Testicle moisturiser

I have no words (and decided that it was probably best that I didn’t put a picture to go with this one…)

What about you? What is the most unusual search term you have had this year?

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Image credit 1: thinkingblog.com
Image credit 2: danielalexandra.com
Image credit 3: rottenecards.com

39 thoughts on “Obscure Search Terms for 2013

  1. After reading your search terms, I went to check mine out…I’m really quite disappointed. I was hoping for some fabulously irrelevant and disgusting things, but, alas, mine were all about vampire similes and math activities. *sigh*

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  3. That made me laugh. Too sad that google is slowly killing the visible search terms for us. I think there are only 20% search terms shown to us and they said that they migh kill them completely. I also often had to laugh how some people found my blog 😀

      • There were some but I can´t remind them all. For a complete list I would need to check out the stats page again and seek them. But one thing is sure, I laughed a lot. But maybe you inspired me right now to do that anytime soon to create a similar post. Let´s see..

        But I have two current search terms in my mind because they came up several times now last months…

        1. Sometimes people put plain statements into the search field of google. I wrote some cat articles. And then some persons found my blog after telling google “my cat greets me every morning”. Ok 😀 When I saw this search term more often, I though “Pretty cool! My cat is doing that too!” 😀

        But this one here is better…

        2. People can get creative when they are angry about a product or company. As I love computer games, I also write about them time by time. Lately I wrote a lot about a new game called “Battlefield 4”. The developer released the game unfinished with tons of problems (so called “bugs”). I wrote several articles about the issues. One of the biggest issues has been that the software often crashed back to the windows desktop with an error message… after a few written articles I started to notice that people asked google for “Crashfield 4”, “Bugfield 4” and other creative variations instead of the real name “Battlefield 4”. Pretty creative and angry customers I would say.

        While I am still not sure what a person expect if he/she tells google that their cats greet them every morning like in point 1…. I am pretty sure that point 2 is the evidence that a faulty product can cause unintended and pretty unhealthy buzz marketing 😀

  4. I find this interesting because my search terms are so boring! Unless it’s just what I’m posting about. Maybe I need to so an entry on some dirty panties… Get a few lovely followers. Ahhhhh!!!!

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