When I saw the Weekly Photo Challenge was about the idea of beginning, there was one particular photograph that sprang to mind, despite the fact that the quality of the picture is poor.

For those of you that have followed this blog for a while, you’ll know that I adore my three cats – Wobbly (yes, that’s her name, yes, I know it’s a stupid name, but it suits her – long story), Poppy and Daisy. Poppy and Daisy were accidental pets – I never intended on having two more cats.

At work another teacher informed me that her mother’s cat had given birth to three kittens and asked if I wanted one of them to keep Wobbly company. I thought it was a nice idea, so I asked if I could have the ginger one. The following day I was told that the ginger kitten had passed away and was offered the other two as a pair – they had grown really close and the owners didn’t want to seperate them. I agreed to have a look at them and so the teacher brought them round to my house.

In a heavy duty carrier bag.

I was horrified – they were five weeks old, which was far too young to be away from their mother, they had blue eyes, fleas and were in a mess. I instantly told her that I would have the two of them, asked her to leave and immediately took them to the vets. I wanted to report her mother to the RSPCA but there wasn’t any way I could get the details of her address.



The next few weeks were spent administering various types of medication, and these pictures were taken a week or so after they had settled in – the beginnings of chewed wires, stolen food, smashed plates, scratched furniture and legs, hairballs, vomit, 12 hourly injections… and a beautiful friendship that I can’t imagine ever being without. Daisy looked hilarious at first, closely resembling Yoda from Star Wars due to her enormous ears. Thankfully, she grew into them and they are both now happy and generally healthy cats (although Daisy has diabetes). Ironically, Wobbly hates both of them and often will refuse to go anywhere near them, despite the fact that she has lived with them for the last seven years…


Poppy at 6 weeks


Fluffy I am

I never spoke to the teacher again.

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38 thoughts on “Beginning

  1. Good for you for taking in those kittens when they needed a good home. Everyone loves cute cat pictures. I’m thinking I may just randomly start posting them to my blog.

    • You should! I’ve found that if you put up a picture of a cat in a silly hat, people love it far more than the 1,500 word essay that you’ve spent the last 2 hours writing…

  2. The cats are so cute – and in the Sleepy picture I can almost feel that SOFT fur!
    Also, the story was nicely told and this was the best:
    “the beginnings of chewed wires, stolen food, smashed plates, scratched furniture and legs, hairballs, vomit, 12 hourly injections… and a beautiful friendship…” 😉
    Anyhow, always wanted a cat, but have two guys in the house with serious allergies to cats- so went with dogs….
    Take care – ~Y.

  3. Oh my goodness she does look like Yoda haha!!! I am definitely a cat person. I’ve had cats all my life and currently own two. My mother and I had a similar kitten experience – we rescued a litter of two week old kittens from an abandoned apartment building (the mother cat had died). We had to feed them with eye droppers for quite awhile they were so small and underdevelped! But it was worth it – we nursed them back to health, got them all their shots and found loving homes for all six of them! Still one of my favorite childhood memories.

  4. So glad you took them in and gave them proper care! We got Frank (our beloved pooch) in a very similar manner – from a fellow teacher who wasn’t taking as much care as we would have liked. Love the Yoda picture! 😀

  5. Good morning. I couldn’t find your email but wanted to ask you (favor) if you don’t mind. Sorry to leave it in comment section. Could you please provide me with an honest critique of my website such, what strikes you right off as something you like and what is offputting, as a first impression. If you don’t mind 🙂 Rather than leave my link just google Squirrel Head Manor if you are ok with that. Could I get your email?
    Thank you, Tina

    • Hi Tina , I went on your WordPress, Blogspot and Twitter pages and all three have a really nice layout. It’s well written, nice pics (love the dogs) and you seem to really enjoy what you write about. If you want further critique from people go onto the Community pool, hosted by the Daily Post in half an hour and there will be lots of people wanting the same thing – It’s a great way to meet new people…

      • Thanks much! I appreciate that and will go check it out. From reading your site I know you’d get what I mean by saying, I want to make changes but am unsure where to go…just want something different. Thanks for the advice and I owe you!!

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  7. Sounds like the original cat owner was altogether irresponsible and maybe too ignorant to care for her cat. The kittens must have been a surprise. You have a good heart and thankfully the kittens found a home with you.
    BTW, I love your new photo. Lovely image of you!

    • Thanks Sharon – they’re all big furballs now so i must have done the right thing…

      Thanks – I’m trying it out for a while… not sure yet…

  8. The Yoda part made me laugh 😀 I´m a cat fan too, I have only one cat though. My cat sometimes reminds me of the emperor in Star Wars as she likes to hide under bedding, clothes, rugs and so on. Then it often looks like she would wear the robe of Darth Sidius. I shot a photo of that some time ago and created an emperor meme. 🙂

  9. Hey there! I love your blog! Would you mind checking mine out and telling me what you think? I just started it after the new year! Read my “About” also! Please critique my page because I’m a budding writer. Thanks! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  10. Suzie, I was aghast about the terrible, irresponsible person who didn’t know anything about cats, in my opinion, just from reading what that woman did! Certainly, you really have a big heart, and I’m so glad, for the sake of those precious babies, that you took them in and cared for them so beautifully. Wobbly is dealing with them in a very common way. I have my Patches who lost her brother, and to keep her company, I got Rusty. She still keeps her distance after 8 years!

  11. I am an animal lover and would have done the same thing in taking them in. Poor things. They would have probably died too if you hadn’t taken them. People make me so angry sometimes. That’s why I get along with my animals more than with people.

    • Those are exactly my sentiments… I prefer animals to lots of human beings because what you see is what you get…

      Thanks for your comment!!

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