Sisterhood of the Massive Knickers

I’ve had a rather crappy week.



It’s Friday evening, I’ve just indulged in a large portion fish & chips (I’m English – no stereotypes there obviously), I’m watching ‘Footloose’ and I’m wearing an sweater that is too big for me and a pair of pyjama bottoms. My hair is tied back, I’ve got very little make-up on and I’m sporting a very fetching pair of socks, which for once actually match. I’m not unhygienic – what I’m wearing is clean and I had a bath this morning before work, but a quick glance in the mirror reveals that I am certainly not going to win ‘Miss World’ anytime soon. At this moment in time, I think I’d have trouble running for ‘Miss Waynetta Slob’ (and for those of you who have no idea who this character was from the 90’s, check out ‘Harry Enfield and Chums’ on YouTube). I have been joined on the couch by two sleepy cats and The Bloke.


In the years that I’ve been with The Bloke I’ve put on weight. Not enough to make me feel grotesque, but enough to change my body shape. My cute little thongs have morphed over time into ENORMOUS knickers, and I spend most of my evenings and weekends in baggy clothing that is designed for comfort. At best, I dress like a teenage boy. I’m not at the stage where I consider that I have ‘let myself go’, but I certainly make far less effort to look good than I used to when I’m at home.

But is there anything wrong with this? Should the female population permanently feel the need to be glamorous at all times?

An article from ‘Oprah’s website in 2005 offers some interesting insight into why women let themselves go. A prominent message was that women put their families needs ahead of their own, wearing their exhaustion almost as a ‘badge of honour’. Mothers in particular have little time to themselves and find it almost impossible to muster any enthusiasm for beauty regimes or losing weight that they may have retained after giving birth.

So what excuse do I have? I don’t have children, I’m not married and aside from three cats and The Bloke I don’t have any family responsibilities. My excuse is simple: I just can’t be bothered.

I saw this quote from the ever immaculate Dita Von Teese:

‘I advocate glamour. Every day. Every minute.’


Dita Von Teese

While I admire Miss Von Teese’s message, I’ve found that life often gets in the way. I’m not lazy -my job is stressful, I work long hours both in and out of school, I deal with hundreds of grumpy teenagers all week and when I’ve finished all I want to do is have a hot bath, get my feet rubbed and go to sleep. The last thing I need (or want) to be thinking about is how attractive I look. Similarly, I certainly don’t expect The Bloke to be perfectly groomed all the time… A quick glance over at him reveals that he’s wearing an old white T-Shirt, a fleece and a pair of trousers that were made at the dawn of time, but I still find him extremely handsome.

If I’m going out for an evening, regardless of who it’s with, I’ll put on a beautiful dress and enjoy taking the time to do my extensive beauty regime in the process. However, on a day-to-day basis I’m more than happy to lay like broccoli and veg in front of the TV in my massive knickers and pyjamas.

The Bloke’s a lucky man.

What about you? Do you make the effort to look good all the time? Do you like your partner to make the most of themselves when just relaxing at home?

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Image 2: Dita Von Teese

46 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the Massive Knickers

  1. I am wearing the same house shoes as you, metaphorically. And maybe literally!

    This is the nice thing about long-term partnerships. You enjoy your food a little more, you spend a little less time primping, and the world spins exactly as it always has, except now there’s someone in it who will ALWAYS tell you you’re ravishing (and even mean it most of the time).

    Here’s what I know about my husband, which I of course extrapolate out to the majority of human beings… as long as they are enjoying semi-regular, semi-awesome sex, they don’t mind if every muscle is toned and every hair is in place.

  2. Great post. Between the giant knickers and the trousers from the dawn of time, you have the title of a really great book right there.

    Like yourself I only make an effort when I am going out, if I am lounging around watching TV its t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms.

  3. Great post! 😀 I too lay around in what I call “natural make-up” (meaning makeup that didnt come off in the shower) and Jammies when the day has gotten the best of me. Love ur socks btw!


  4. When I get home from work I change immediately. Jeans are forbidden where I work and I need to get comfy! Being married for 29 years I can say, it’s nice to be able to let your hair down, wear loose sweat pants and chill because you are comfortable with your mate. Not needing to impress so to speak. But believe me, when we go out or are planning a very special dinner (even at home), I clean up for our “date” and that works for me 🙂

    Love your blog and I have been visiting your guest blogs there on your sidebar too. Happy Friday!

  5. Your my ideal women, I would rather have a relaxed women on the couch next to me ratger than someone who worried about and eyelash geing out of place 24/7. I have never understood why females spend half their life cermenting their faces with artificial products just to hide what is beautiful. I have photographed 100 of females and I insist the first set of images are makeup free, the amount of women feel so uneasy without makeup like they are trying to hide the real person, like I tell them I want to see the real person.
    As for putting on weight, hell we all do it well except me I have lost 6 stone lol. I dont care if my wife puts on weight, she still is the same person, she was a size 8/10 when we met but that was 32 years ago we are still the same, we have grown with each other, we been through a lot together and we are still together. So Waynetta slob out and be happy and to hell with the world of makeup and expensive clothes, J. Choo shoes and nights out hahaha 🙂

  6. You know,I’ve just returned to NYC from 2 weeks at home where I ate everything in sight that I cannot find over here. Oooh, Irish soda bread, Cadbury’s creme eggs (Christmas is over, time for Easter!), real butter on everything…and put on 5 pounds. Surprised it wasn’t more. Glad I didn’t stay longer! Now back in the US, I already feel the need to lose it again. People in the UK are just more accepting. Weight here is more scrutinized. And yes I’m in a long-term relationship. PS. But you’ve inspired me to go put on a pair of fluffy socks, pop open a bottle of wine and sink back into the sofa. You are a good influence 🙂

  7. Recently as soon as I get home it’s “onesie” time. It’s so cosy. The only downside is its got so much static electricity that when I take it off, the lights flash and all my body hair stands on end haha

  8. I haven’t been in a real relationship for a few years, but I don’t even pay attention to anything other than basic hygiene. I am totally a T-shirt and sweatpants girl, so I can’t expect (or really want) anything else. It’s about the time together…or at least that is what I remember LOL.

  9. Are you kidding? I’ve never made an effort to look good at home, oh except if people are coming over which is an exception. I say slob it up sister!

  10. I love this! We take care of ourselves—but we know that real beauty radiates from the inside out. Real relationships are wonderful in that they allow us to be us and enjoy life and food and rest and fun together. I don’t expect Hubby to be “done up” all the time and I’m hopelessly attracted to him regardless of what he wears or whether he’s been to the gym of late—and thankfully that’s a mutual sentiment. 🙂

    Again, love this and love you!

    Thanks for being honest and encouraging, Suzie!


  11. I’m fully understanding of your situation here. I like dressing up, I like looking nice because that makes ME feel good. It is almost a running joke in my house however that the minute I walk through the door I will throw on my PJ’s. It’s comfortable and that makes me feel good too. No one in my house think of it as me letting myself go, they accept it. That is how it should be I think, although Dita is a wonderfully glamorous woman, glamour 24/7 is just not for me. I’m sure the bloke and your three cats accept you for wearing huge knickers and big socks too…enjoy it 😉

  12. Wow! I’ve had a couple of completely crappy days this week…sitting in my PJ’s and my muticoloured woolen socks( a gift from my Mom..) reading your post I can completely relate! Thanks for sharing…

  13. Jeans, tee shirts or sweatshirt… always tennies on, since the dog needs to go out and I don’t want to be bothered putting on shoes all the time. Very rarely get to put on jammies to relax, again, the dog… but on the very rare occasion I go out, I do get dressed and make up on.

  14. Do I buggery 🙂 I could spend hours disguising my wrinkles, getting dolled up and doing my hair and nails, but I’m not that kind of girl. It would only be to impress the dog and cat, anyway – I work from home! Glamour goes hand in hand with discomfort, and getting cold – I prefer jammies and socks to Dita’s attire any day!

  15. As a stay-at-home mom there are days where I’m in my PJ’s until noon. . .or later. But if I have to leave the house, I do take the time to make myself presentable. And like you, staying in my PJ’s or sweats doesn’t mean I’m unhygienic! Of course I shower, and most days I’ll swipe on a bit of mascara and blush. But normally, I am extremely laid back about my dress – a tshirt and jeans gal for sure. And my wonderful hubs thinks I’m beautiful no matter what I’m wearing!

  16. I’m never glamorous in the house these days – although in my younger days I put glamour ahead of almost everything else. Now we are (at home) always dressed for comfort not style. I can make Waynetta look like a style icon most days. But when we go out I dress up and turn it on, and so does the Painter and it’s always fun. I think my priorities have changed – thank heavens – I think it must be very depressing if glamour remains the most important thing as you get older or have a family – simply because it becomes harder to maintain and if it is the main focus then looking in the mirror every day at an ageing face and body could become very depressing.

  17. This is exactly what I’ve noticed about myself recently! However my bloke dresses he will always be tall with a very manly profile. I on the other hand have started to also resemble a teenage boy! So today I’m wearing (skinny) jeans, a (low) V neck sweater and a (push up) bra and (heeled) boots. He’s noticed the change! 😉 It’s lovely that they love us for just being us though isn’t.

  18. I found out going Vegetarian GMO free made the weight fall right off. GMOS are Genetically Modified Organisms that will cause DNA problems within your body. They also contain fragments of human DNA. When someone drinks a Pepsi they are really drinking human fetal kidney cells. This will one day create rabies in humans like the mad cow disease in cows.

      • You are welcome. Going GMO free really saved my life. It is a personal issue because at 14 I was working in the fields of Iowa for Monsanto. My Science teacher ran a corn field and hired students to work for him in the summer. He explained to us it was safe and the Round up would only kill the bugs it would not affect our dna. I would see dead bugs all over the corn that is fed to cattle with holes in their guts. only the heads and butt remained. It literally blows a hole into the side. 12 years later I have learned they have not done research on humans. The effects of round up will be a skin battle for the rest of my life. I do not even know what the longer terms are because I am not even 30 yet. Thankfully there is cannabis to fight everything and repair my DNA. I was lied to directly. All for 7.25 an hour……but there is no other work besides babysitting for a 14 year old in Iowa.

      • I should probably mention we eat the same cattle this corn is fed to. The cattle are experiencing sickness and sterility and Monsanto produced agent orange and is owned by the FDA. The FDA tells Americans the food is safe. Do not buy food from my country if you want to stay alive! Unless it says GMO free…….

      • I figured you were. That is why I said what I did I want others to know who may not be hearing about what we hear about in our country. I Hope the information helps you though! Good blog though! I really like your layout and style of writing!

  19. In cold weather and when I just want to be relaxed, I am wearing thick socks and sometimes cotton underwear. I have to admit, I don’t like thongs but wear bikini cotton undies. I guess for me, Bridget Jones made me realize not to wear my old ‘granny panties!’ This was a funny post and subject and I smiled while I typed my reply!

  20. This actually made me laugh and glance over at my hubby. Yeah slipper socks that sometimes match and pjs are the norm here too. Glamour is good, glamour is fun but only once in a while otherwise it’s just another chore. I think we need mahoosive knickers and slipper socks to appreciate the Glamour nights. 🙂

  21. I enjoyed reading this! There are men, myself included, that find ‘bed head’ hair and slightly messy looking to be very attractive on a woman. My wife looks awesome in the morning, that blond hair point every direction on the compass. I am sure you look very lovely in your house shoes and TV time attire, be relaxed and be comfy right? 😉

  22. I was just speaking about this with the boy… Women have many more expectations placed upon us. Personally, I like to get ready. I also like to let my hair airdry and skip makeup. It depends on the day. Then again, I love to be at my best for myself and my significant other. There’s something special about staying attractive to one another that I can’t give up. When we started dating I put on 20 lbs and he put on 30… Good food and good wine… It was good, but then I realized I needed to snap out of it. I’m much happier with my life now. I feel more comfortable in my own skin, sexier, and overall healthier. While trying to attain perfection is not on my radar, neither is going back to how I was last year.

  23. It’s almost winter here, cold, wet and miserable. Fashion – yup, a track suit, Ug Boots, fire, glass of wine and Game of Thrones. Works for me. Good Post – love the sox :o)

  24. LOL at the massive knickers! I wear those on my periods because the pads I use could make the Titanic float, lol!

    anyhow, I’m a huge advocate of looking nice whenever. It just makes me feel better. Plus, at my job, I wear a uniform. Any time I get the chance to wear something besides my uniform, I go all out. I’ll even wear makeup. I never wear it at work unless I get up early enough, or if the mood strikes me. If I feel like vegging, though, this is no crime. I certainly will not go out publicly in the stuff I wear around the house sometimes.

    Looking nice shouldn’t be done because you feel an obligation to do so; you should do it because of how it makes you feel when you do. I love that feeling, so that’s why I love the idea of looking nice and looking special. Let’s face it; those big events where you get to look nice are few and far in between. Why should there be an excuse to look nice? Being me and being fabulous is excuse enough in my book.

  25. I gave up on glamour long ago. It was a supreme effort even when I cared. Right now I’m in a gray hooded sweatshirt with a zipper that’s been broken for at least three years.

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