Motivation Needed

ImageI saw this quote from Karen Lamb and it really resonated with me this morning.

Currently, it is 1.00pm. I got out of bed at 8.30am, went to the shop to buy bacon, cooked The Bloke some bacon sandwiches, took them to him so he could have breakfast in bed, and ever since then I have been sat in bed, blogging. I started to write a post about one thing, I got bored and saved it for later, and then repeated the process with something else.

This would be fine, except for the fact that I have a monumental amount of marking and planning to do for next week and three major things in particular need to be finished off and emailed to my line manager by the end of today. I have several loads of washing to do, I have to put away my clean clothes and the upstairs part of the house needs vacuuming.

This is a nasty habit that I have developed over the last few years – my life has become procrastination central. The main issue isn’t that the marking and planning doesn’t interest me – once I’ve begun and ‘in the zone’ so to speak, I find that I can get quite absorbed with what I’m doing and feel a sense of satisfaction when it is completed – it’s getting the motivation to start doing it in the first place.Β  This morning I had a thought:

If I had started this work yesterday I would have been finished by now…

If I do nothing else this year, this is the thing that I would like to change the most over 2014. So much so, in fact, that I am going to now put down my laptop, pick up my school laptop, do the work and then reward myself tomorrow with an uninterrupted blog fest in a tidy house, guilt free.

What about you guys? Does procrastination work for you?

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47 thoughts on “Motivation Needed

  1. We all procrastinate to some degree because blogging and hanging with friends and laying on the couch watching TV is way more fun than anything that resembles work.

  2. I attempt to procrastinate productively. If I want to avoid marking, do the dishes. Avoid the dishes, do laundry. It doesn’t always work of course!
    Great quote about a year from now.

  3. Thanks for that, I am now going to do the vacuuming which I have been putting off!!! I am the queen of procrastination but the sweet joy of having things done is just so appealing. Good luck with your work load…

  4. That is definitely a great quote. I occasionally suffer from the woes of procrastination and almost always feel regret about it when the time comes that’s I’m forced to do the task I was putting off. I devoted last year to really STOP doing that, and so far it’s really paid off and been successful! Hoping to keep the trend going through 2014.

  5. you got me there… I find I do procrastinate, it’s gotten worse the older I get. I have been up a little over an hour and here I am on my laptop. I have walked the dog, played with the dog, fed dog, made fresh juice, made coffee, and have a load of laundry in the wash… Still I need to be up and doing something… hubby suggested a walk today, think I need to take him up on that.

  6. I always procrastinate. Most recently I joined a book club and the book is due to be discussed on the 25th. I know I’m a east reader so I haven’t started it… But seriously… Why not?! Instead I’m going to wait until crunch time and make myself stressed.

  7. I love that quote! Me and My bloke are pretty lazy so we’ve made a resolution to just get stuff done when we think of it so we aren’t moaning at each other or building it into an insurmountable mountain. Well you started well getting up and out and cooking brekie…

  8. I definitely work better under pressure, but lately I’ve begun to start projects much earlier just to enjoy a few days of fine-tuning instead of cramming to get them done. It’s always great to avoid moments of “ugh, why didn’t I just start this a week ago when I had TIME?!” πŸ˜€

  9. I’ve never been a procrastinator, but lately, I know there are things that need doing – laundry, for instance, and it’s still waiting. I used to work in an office and that manager used to say to everyone, “Do it now!” I’ve repeated that phrase many times to other people, but now, I have to say it to myself!

  10. I definitely procrastinate from time to time. I think we all have at some point. I don’t think procrastinating is really worth it, because I always feel so much better once I get things done. But I guess it can be difficult to break bad habits of putting things off till the last minute.

    • Haha! I do that too… I once spent two hours creating an enormous list – I’d have probably got half of it done if I’d have just got on with it in the first place!

  11. I love that quote. Very apt. I feel the same way. And while, I have made a conscious effort over the last year to get stuff kicking while I can, I definitely still fall into the procrastination trap here and there. All the best with it! I think you’ll be right. πŸ™‚

  12. I believe in healthy procrastination. Lets say you are exhausted sleep is needed to stay healthy. Yeah laundry and vacuuming can wait a few hours. However nasty procrastination is bad. Always. To much of one thing can be a bad thing. Living itself has responsibilities. It would suck if we all procrastinating wiping our rear ends now wouldn’t it? We would all have a nasty smelly world. Could you imagine the stench if someone downed Jack with some Mexican the night before work? Then procrastinated hygiene…me either.

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