Three Reasons Why Today Has Kicked Ass…

1. After an intense OFSTED inspection I received my feedback from my observation with an extremely mixed ability Year 9 group. I was awarded an ‘Outstanding,’ making it the third in a row and the second in which I have received such an accolade from an OFSTED inspector. I was delighted – I struggle with self doubt in my profession occasionally and the rather blurry guidelines that are given and repeatedly changed means that there is a level of uncertainty of where the goal posts are. However, it’s over and done with for a while and this means I can now relax a little… My faculty has also done extremely well and I’m really pleased for them all – they’re a fantastic group of people, excellent practitioners and deserve every success…


2. The Bloke spoilt me with a new bracelet from Pandora as a ‘well done’ – I’m a huge fan of their charms and have slowly built up my collection since purchasing my first as a present to myself for my 30th birthday. He wrote me a beautiful message in a card and gave me the bag, which I though was a charm to add to my bracelet. Instead, it was a brand new piece of jewellery from their new range. It’s absolutely stunning – I’m very lucky!

And possibly the best news of all…

3. I heard from the vets and they have ruled out feline leukaemia and lymphoma for my little friend. She’s still anaemic and has been on a diet of STEAK (she’s eating better than we are), and there is still the possibility of a tumour in her stomach, but at least for now she is doing well and doesn’t seem to be in any pain, which is fantastic.


So, tonight I am going to thank my lucky stars that somebody up there is watching out for me and my little family, enjoy an evening of relaxation in front of the TV with The Bloke and the cats and do absolutely nothing.

Happy Friday!

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60 thoughts on “Three Reasons Why Today Has Kicked Ass…

  1. Great news all round. So happy for Wobbly.. Also happy that you passed the inspections (whatever they are) and recieved great accolades on the evaluation. Well done you. My wife likes Swarovski.

  2. Go SUZIE Go SUZIE Go SUZIE Go. I am so pleased for you and spoilt as well 🙂 Yes I agree with Richard you really deserve it. Have a fantastic weekend you deserve a lay in. Glad pussy is a lot better, I had to take Tiger tonight to the vets as he was not well, but after a antibiotic and a pain killer he has picked up, have to take him back in the morning to check his temp. But he will be just fine 🙂

  3. Congratulations on your OFSTED rating! That must be a load off. And I’m so glad to hear about your kitty! It’s awful when pets are sick – nothing worse than feeling so helpless. Hopefully she’ll get the rest worked out soon!

  4. Congratulations on your rating! Wow on the jewelry from your Bloke. He sounds like a keeper! And, that is terrific news about your kitty! You’ve earned a relaxing evening for sure!

  5. Heartfelt congratulations, Suzie. Have been reading your blogs, and am keeping up with all your successes in your profession. So glad your cat is feeling better, too.

  6. Well done and it’ nice to know the Bloke gives such ‘charming’ gifts, but I must warn you (and I speak from experience) doing nothing is much more difficult than you might imagine. Give it your best effort, and enjoy.

  7. Congrats on the OFSTED result. Good choice bloke, a whole new bracelet to fill up with charms (does he get brownie points for that?) lol. Awww your cat is well cute, looks a bit like one I had when I was younger (and also like one that now visits my garden that I am trying to convince that it doesn’t need to run away when it sees me, so far it’s not working)

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