A Spontaneous Weekend in the Sun


It’s a tough life

Over the last few years, I’ve had a few defining moments where I can genuinely say that I have experienced utter contentment. One of these was lying on a sun lounger on a beach in Malaga on a Saturday afternoon. The weather was perfect – disgustingly hot with a lovely breeze – and we almost had the beach to ourselves.

This scenario had resulted after a random conversation with my friend, NW in the pub on a fairly miserable September day. Her 30th birthday was approaching, and I asked her if she had decided what she wanted to do to celebrate. She replied with “I’m going to Malaga”, and told me if I wanted to come I’d be more than welcome. I got the details of her flight and booked myself onto the same one, the best thing about it being that as it was during a normal term time it cost less than £80 for a return flight.

A few weeks later, I finished work on the Friday at 4.00pm, and by 8.00pm I had landed in Malaga with NW and a few of her friends. We were staying at a hostel not far from the beach, and it turned out to be lovely. As soon as we arrived we were invited on a bar crawl, and we found it hilarious that they took us to ‘The London Bar’, that had a red phone box in the entrance and a backdrop of London on the wall. There were lots of people having their picture taken with it, which always amuses me as I have one around the corner from my house, and the only time it is used is for the purpose of urination by local drunks. We drank and danced for most of the night, ending up in a random rock club at 5.00am.


The view of Malaga from the boat

The entire Saturday was spent on the beach in our swimming costumes and bikinis doing absolutely nothing. While my friends at home and The Bloke were in the cold and rain I was lazing about in the sun. The was no time limit, no purpose and no limitations – we were free to do what we wanted, when we wanted. We spent the weekend relaxing, drinking, did a little bit of sight-seeing on a boat where we watched dolphins swimming about (while I tried not to vomit as I suffer from terrible motion sickness) and having a great time. The girls on the trip were lovely, the food was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

We arrived back in the UK late on the Sunday night, and on Monday morning I was sitting at my desk at work, wishing I could be back on the beach.

Best weekend I’d had all year, for less that £150 for everything. I need to learn Spanish…

What about you guys? Have you ever spontaneously decided to go somewhere just to have a break?

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8 thoughts on “A Spontaneous Weekend in the Sun

  1. That sounds amazing! God I really need a break right now – would love a weekend away in the sun. And I agree with Steve – the best weekends/holidays/nights out are always unplanned!

  2. My most spontanious trip was a week in Cancun, Mexico. I was 23 and it was my first time out of the country. We went snorkeling in the reef at Xel-ha and saw the ruins of Tulum. The whole trip was so new, fun and exciting. Can’t wait to Have another adventure! I also could stand to learn some more Spanish as well!

  3. A spontaneous beach trip (planned and put into action at 3 am in a Perkin’s) once led to me seeing the most amazing meteor shower over the ocean. We didn’t even know there was a meteor shower going on that night, but when we got out to the beach, we were treated to quite an awesome display.

    Of course, another spontaneous plan I had with some friends ended with us being questioned/detained by the National Guard and the FBI. I’m not joking. :/ It all turned out okay, though. 😀

  4. Nice pics! 🙂 Reminds me of my trip to Sousse, Tunisia last October 🙂 I would love to take a spontaneous vacation but at the moment it’s quite impossible because of my busy working & studying schedule!

  5. I will go on any road trip! I had a lot of fun going with my guy friend, Bill, from Delaware, Ohio all the way south to Cincinnati, on a ‘thrift store run!’ We took five hours one way! We left in the morning and my best find was a sidewalk sale where the little kids’ clothing was all a quarter! I filled a garbage bag full of school style clothes for my six little grandkids and they charged me only $5! We ate a nice little diner for lunch on our way down and then, a really good steak dinner on our way home! Lots of coffee! Your trip sounds amazing, Suzie! Great post! Robin

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