21 Little Pleasures in Life

This morning I received a beautiful bunch of flowers from my colleagues at work, along with a lovely card that read ‘Hope you’re feeling better soon.’ It was a lovely gesture and really cheered me up. Consequently, it also got me thinking about the little pleasures that happen in life that make things so much more fun and worthwhile. Here are twenty-one things that make my life better.



1. Lying in a bed that has been made with freshly washed linen at the end of a long day.

2. Sitting around a table with friends and family, enjoying a beautiful meal and each others company.

3. A cuddle on the sofa whilst watching a good film.

4. Driving to work without having to stop at a single red light.

5. Finding a £5 note in your pocket that you didn’t realise you had.

6. An Amaretto Sours cocktail.

7. Receiving an unexpected handwritten letter or card from a friend in the post.

8. My mother’s homemade vegetable pie.

9. Swimming in an open air pool on a hot day.

10. An attractive man, wearing a suit and nice aftershave.

11. A spontaneous and unexpected fabulous night out.



12. Making someone laugh.

13. The expression on somebody’s face when they love a present you’ve given them.

14. A student informing you that they really enjoyed your lesson as they are leaving and genuinely look like they mean it.

15. A pampering session at a spa.

16. A film or book that stays with you for days afterwards.

17. Finding something that you have been looking for over a long period of time… At half price.

18. A sleepy cat that cuddles it’s own tail.

19. Looking at the refrigerator after you’ve just been food shopping.

20. Singing loudly to your favourite song when there is nobody else in the house.

21. Finishing work on Friday, knowing that you don’t need to work over the weekend.


Can you add to this? What are your little pleasures in life?

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109 thoughts on “21 Little Pleasures in Life

  1. Hope you are feeling better. I want to add something to the list. 22. finally buying something you’ve been saving for.

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  3. Adding to number 18, the sleeping cat, I find so much joy when i see animals happy! Running around, playing, or with a brand new toy or bone. Or even having them snuggle up next to you out of all the place they could lay, they pick you! It makes my heart warm up!!!

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  5. A good cup of tea and the comfort of being home on a miserable day of rain (or worst). I love your list. I think you’ve inspired me to write some list poems. I haven’t done this in years (since before I retired as a teacher–kids love writing list poems). Your blog is a delight, Suzie.

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