A Milestone to Celebrate


Awesome. Just awesome.

This evening Suzie81 received its 100,000th view. Thank you so much – I’m absolutely delighted at the support and encouragement that I have received since starting this little blog last April. I’ve been inspired to take it to the next step and will be purchasing my own domain name later this week, when I have finally decided what to call it! I want to keep the Suzie81 as part of it as that is what I am now known as, but I can’t decide what to add after it…

How exciting!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

54 thoughts on “A Milestone to Celebrate

  1. Well done – I bet your gutted you never got the screen grab showing 100’000. Go for Suzie-81.net. I like the saying the dash and the dot as in steve-says.net

  2. Congrats! I notice you always get an insanely high number of likes on your posts. How do you get your writing out there to so many people? Great job on the milestone!

  3. Suzie,
    That you are so open and welcoming is a large part of your blog’s success. Thank you for welcoming me and congratulations on the worthy achievement.
    If The Bloke doesn’t take you out to celebrate, then you should take him. Sis and Mom too.
    Shari *: )

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