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The Bloke and I adore films, our vice being the purchase of literally thousands of DVD’s over the years to the point where they are beginning to take over the house. We have certain films that we watch repeatedly according to day, mood and time – Friday evenings are reserved for action/fantasy, Saturday afternoons are great for rom-coms, Sunday afternoons are perfect for animation, and Sunday evenings are usually reserved for Asian martial arts (I’ve got a thing for Donnie Yen).

We don’t normally get the opportunity to watch the Oscars as it is shown into the early hours of the morning here in the UK, so to celebrate I have decided to create my own homage to the movie industry, and I would love it if you guys got involved.

To participate, you simply have to answer one question. You can do this directly in the comment box below or by creating your own post and linking it back to this. You can invite all your friends. If you wish to include a link to your blog with your answers, feel free to do so to allow other bloggers to visit you! 

My question to you is:

What three films could you watch for the rest of your life? 

You can simply list the films or you could give an explanation why you have made these particular choices. It’s a difficult question – I could easily list 20 or 30.

Here are my Top 3:

Carlito’s Way – tense, incredible acting and heartbreaking ending.

American Beauty – cleverly written, superbly acted, fabulous plot twists.

500 Days of Summer – a different take on the rom-com, with an unexpected ending.

I asked The Bloke this question and these were his answers.

13th Warrior

Kelly’s Heroes



I’m looking forward to seeing your answers! You can also find me on Twitter and Tumblr @suzie81blog.

35 thoughts on “Oscars Edition – Top Three

  1. Good choices.
    The Big Lebowski, Heat and Goodfellas. Ask me tomorrow and I would probably pick something else…

  2. Good morning, like you I have a huge selection of dvd/bluray as well as digital downloads, after a good think my three would be.
    Little Shop of Horrors
    13 Ghosts
    Tears of the Sun

  3. Oooh, this is tricky! There are so many great movies around but I think I’d also pick (500) Days of Summer (best dance scene ever), as well as Love, Actually (I never get bored of watching it and the Andrew Lincoln at the door with the signs scene is the most romantic I’ve seen even if the love is unrequited) and Toy Story, as I’m as amazed at what Pixar can do today as I was when I first saw this at the cinema almost 20 years ago.

  4. Forrest Gump….I love Tom Hanks.
    The Shawshank redemption…It was filmed at Mansfield reformatory, about 120 so miles from my home, and who doesn’t love Morgan Freeman?
    Love story….Love means never having to say your sorry.

  5. Good choice of 500 Days of Summer – as MissMelvis mentioned above, the Hall & Oates dance scene is a classic. I’m a big fan of the elevator ‘Smiths’ scene of course – I guess I’d have to go with Wayne’s World, Back To The Future, and Shawshank

  6. There are so many good movies to choose from. Right now, I can think of a couple of oldies that I will watch over and over and over again:
    To Sir With Love
    The Sound of Music
    Recent Movie: Les Miserables

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  8. Enjoyed the post. My three would be Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Terminator and getting in touch with my feminine side Titanic!

  9. This is a tough question! So many great movies out there! If I had to pick three movies, I’d choose:
    1. Titantic: One of my favorite movies of all time, and I think it’s wonderfully acted and the costumes and cinematography are beautiful.
    2. The Odd Couple: I have to include one comedy, and this movie is a classic. It’s hilarious every time I watch it.
    3. Her: It’s fascinating, quiet, and deep. I need to watch movies that make me think, and Her is perfect for that.

  10. 1. Who framed Roger Rabbit – Jessica Rabbit has to be the hottest chick there ever was.
    2. Mean Girls – very funny but also teaches us some very valuable lessons on how to treat one another.
    3. The Notebook – Ryan Gosling at his dreamiest.

  11. 1. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang-witty dark comedy with some of the best one-liners I’ve heard
    2. Howl’s Moving Castle-Miyazaki is a creative genius, and the English-language version voiced by Christian Bale and Billy Crystal works so well
    3. The Departed-Scorsese at his finest, with many actors at their finest

    (This was surprisingly difficult. lol)

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