Ramblings, Exciting Plans and a Domain Name!

I decided that if I was going to take this blogging malarkey to the next level then I would have to purchase a domain name. Consequently, I am the proud owner of suzie81speaks.com, and once I’ve figured out what the heck I’m supposed to do with mapping and DNS then that’s what this little blog will officially be known as.


While the title may seem fairly unoriginal, I thought a lot about my domain name, and after spending quite some time messing around with keys words I realised that after nearly a year of blogging, Suzie81 is how I am known, it’s what I am comfortable with and therefore I wouldn’t confuse the 4,500 followers I have managed to gain in that time. I decided to add the ‘speaks’ at the end because that is essentially what I feel I do.

The next stage will be to customise my blog into something a little more professional. After this, social networking states will be added. And after everything is completed? Who knows!

The revelation that I had the other day is that for the first time in years I know exactly what it is that I want to do. Throughout my 20’s I had a set of goals and was lucky enough to achieve them by the age of 30. The irony of it was that once I had gained everything that I thought that I wanted, I realised that, in fact, it wasn’t what I wanted at all. The last few years have been tough – the toughest of my life at times – and I while I knew that I wanted it to be different, I had no idea what direction I wanted to take it.

This little blog changed that. For nearly a year I have used my little part of the Internet to write down my thoughts and share my experiences, adventures and ideas with anyone who is willing to read it, and it has been a fulfilling and therapeutic process. THIS is what I want to do. It may not work out in the way that I had planned, but at least I’m going to try…

And for the first time in years, I’m quite excited about the possibilities!

You can also find me on Twitter and Tumblr @suzie81blog

33 thoughts on “Ramblings, Exciting Plans and a Domain Name!

  1. Awesome! If you want a customized header or someone to customize the CSS on your site, let me know. I know some peeps who can help you out.

  2. That is exciting news and wish you greatness in your plans! 20 for me were work,work,work! 30’s planning for the 40’s and now in my 50’s yikes, Still trying to figure it all out. Do want you love, comes to mind!

  3. Do you realize how fortunate you are that you’ve figured out in your early 30’s what you want to do? Some of us (ahem, ahem) have taken nearly our entire lives to get that far.
    Congratulations on your new adventure, and please keep me on your “following” list.

  4. I like your new address! Congratulations on going .com. I am now considering that move myself. My 3-year-old blog has been quite eclectic in content, but now I plan to start a new blog and focus more on writing tips. I will maintain my old blog with its eclectic nature and tons of photos. Now retired, my blogging has become a primary interest. It keeps my brain active, and I love meeting new people and reading their posts. Such talented writers out there! (You included!)

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