Real Life Versus The Movies

Just for today, I would like you to indulge me and imagine this scenario.


You go on holiday with your hard-working, well-respected doctor husband and your two teenage (and rather sheltered) daughters. When you arrive, your seventeen year old daughter, Frances, who has designs of going to college and later joining the Peace Corps, develops a crush on a twenty-five year old dance instructor, Jonny, who works at the resort you are staying at. His dance partner is pregnant and your daughter lies to borrow money from your husband so she can pay for an illegal abortion for this woman. When it goes wrong, she wakes you up in the middle of the night and asks your husband to save this woman’s life. He does, but forbids your daughter to see these people ever again.

During your stay your daughter sneaks behind your back on numerous occasions to be with this dance instructor (who isn’t always nice to her), to have dance lessons so she can fill in for his partner who is still recovering. She inevitably has sex with him. After he is accused of stealing, your daughter confesses that he’s innocent because he was with her, smearing the family reputation.

On your final night at the resort, the dance instructor appears, insults your husband (nobody puts Baby in the corner) and then proceeds to drag your daughter up onto the stage in front of everybody and dance with her, feeling her up in the process.


Would you and your husband join in with the ‘dirty dancing’ after your daughter has performed and is busy ‘making out’ with the dance instructor in the middle of the room? No, you wouldn’t. In several countries Jonny would now be in prison for statutory rape and trespassing and your husband would be facing charges of assault.

Or perhaps I need to stop over-thinking things…

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    • That’s so cool!

      The way I insert gifs is to do it in the exact same way i would insert a picture. I save the gif onto my computer and then upload the gif in the same way.

  1. ‘E lass – I got a lot of the conversation (but then NZ is quite British) and I pictured the conversation in a northern accent – Yorkshire/Lancashire sprung to mind. (And Monty Pythin) πŸ™‚

  2. I cannot stand this movie, so those changes may have improved it for me. And my Google Translator doesn’t seem to be working on the comments πŸ˜‰

  3. hahaha this is so true – I caught a bit of 10 things I hate about you the other day and thought it was ridiculous that she forgave him after he was paid to take her out and treated her like a joke, took advantage of the situation and her feelings.. but it was okay in the end because he bought her a guitar! Ridiculous!

  4. This is hilarious! I know I have seen the movie, but oddly enough I don’t remember much beyond the dancing…I’m pretty sure the last time I watched it I was only about 12, and now I’m starting to feel a bit old, since that was over 15 years ago. No wonder I didn’t remember all of those details. Maybe I should re-watch it now that I’m an adult. Certainly after reading this, I’ll probably laugh at the serious scenes. πŸ˜‰

  5. Great points! I agree and feel that way about many films. Right now, the trend seems to be mean girls who are gorgeous and fall for the guy at the end. Does that give her the right to be bratty and a bully the rest of the movie? I guess so.

  6. At a midwife appointment today, I learned that only 1/10 women have their water break and then go to the hospital. In the movies, it happens 100% of the time!

  7. Okay, so I’ve never seen this movie, but if that is actually how this plays out, the answer is no. In fact, as soon as said doctor husband saved that poor woman’s life, we would have been out of there. End of vacations. End of all vacations ever for daughter, who is now grounded from here until I stop being pissed off.

  8. Can’t beleive that no one has mentioned yet that nowadays Baby would definitely have had a nose job before even going to the dancing camp lol

  9. Such an amazing amoutn of comments I am not sure I could say anything else to improve or disprove the story of this movie….first of all, I am a huge movie guy! I love all movies. I own far more than an almost 40 year old man rightfully should! I can’t afford a little red car so I live vicariously thru the feelings and empathy of movies!

    That said, this movie was iconic. Yes, she was 17. If she was my daughter I know I would most likely end up in jail as well…but the reality of movies like this is that it shows the possibilties of what could be. I mean, fuck…we all want to be taken out of the corner by Johhny or at least a version of him, or a female version of him!!! Love, would never be questioned if she was 20 and he was 27. The fact that she is 17 is what makes this wrong. I do not advocate for this in any means….however, Love will always find a way. Regardless how many roadblocks you put in front of it!!! Love conquers all my dear!!! GO TEAM LOVE!!!! LOL

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