Twelve Childhood Things That I Miss


After reading an interview with British comedian Sarah Millican (she’s fabulous, check her out @SarahMillican75) in which she discussed things from childhood that she missed being able to do, I thought that I would compile a list of my own.

1. During hot summer days, putting on a swimming costume and sitting in a paddling pool in the back garden. My neighbours would think that I’m a little strange if I did this now…

2. Making my own radio broadcasts. I had an old tape recorder that had a microphone and I would record myself interviewing famous people. I would then tape the Top 40 songs from the Singles Chart, stopping it before the DJ started to speak over it.

3. Being able to innocently read this (one of my favourite childhood books) without sniggering to myself.


4. Watching episodes of Saved By The Bell during the holidays, and arguing with my sisters as to who Zack would ask out first.


5. Fastening my coat around my neck to resemble a cape and running around the playground.

6. Being able to do a cartwheel and a somersault. If I were to attempt these now I would need to be placed in traction afterwards.

7. Being able to watch He-Man without questioning his sexuality (not that it matters, I’m just distracted now by Adam’s pink tights).


8. Playing sports for an entire day without the fear that every muscle in my body will shrivel up and die the next day in protest.

9. My mother’s Sunday roast dinners. Mine are pretty awesome, but they still don’t compare.

10. Eating the greatest chocolate bar of all time: Cadbury’s Secret. Chocolate marshmallow wrapped in strands of chocolate. I miss them.


11. Playing Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Mega Drive. It’s the only computer game I’ve ever completed.

12. Getting photographs back from the processing store after excitedly waiting for several hours and being delighted with the results, even though my fingers were in most of the pictures.

What about you guys? Is there anything that you miss doing from your childhood?

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56 thoughts on “Twelve Childhood Things That I Miss

  1. I miss your 2, 8, and 12, too! And riding in the back of my dad’s pick-up truck to get ice cream–yes, I guess, it was dangerous, but so fun.

  2. Darn y’all and your easy to get Cadbury chocolates 😉

    Yes to making recordings, of songs off the radio and our own broadcasts with cassette tapes!

    For some reason, LiteBrite came to mind the other day. Between that and Legos, I just want to sit and play with those toys for a while instead of the computer or watching TV.

  3. Pulling apart Waggon Wheels and not splitting the disks, but more than anything, my parents putting up thick, dark blankets against the curtains in my bedroom in summer so it would be dark enough for me to sleep when I was very young

  4. I miss the beach and Disneyland! I was only five minutes from each as a kid, and my dad got us season passes to Disneyland. I would certainly look creepy running over Huckleberry Finn Island and playing hide and seek nowadays. Not to mention, I loved the rides. Roller coasters were great back then.

  5. You have an amazing mind! I wish I could spend my days just chatting about the oddities in life with you. Like who is richer, the guy who makes the little plastic things at the end of shoe laces, or the guy who makes the wrapper that goes on straws!!!! I imagine you and I being to laugh thru most all of the days!!!

  6. I miss the abundant fruit trees and berry bushes my parents planted/ inherited from previous owner before most of their kids were born. They tasted better than anything store bought and were free.

  7. That first gif is ADORABLE!

    I miss how magical Christmas was, playing outside all. day. long., and having my mom there to take care of me when I was sick.
    The nice thing with a lot of those childhood joys is that you get to relive them. I am able to watch animated movies with Little One now and no one bats and eye. When I watched them a lone with a pint of ice cream and a glass of wine people seemed to think something was off. 😉

    Fun post, Suzie!

  8. I miss displaying rotting animal heads in the garden as part of my skeleton collection. Tried to get my kids to do this and they looked at me as though I was crackers.

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  10. I think I done very single one of those too. I also used to love looking in the Argos or Index catalogues and picking out my christmas presents. I think I was eventually banned from looking at them. We also used to play in places that now, looking back, were so dangerous that I’m not sure why I’m still alive. When I recently saw a photo I almost fell off my seat thinking about the memory and it inspired me to write Would I Do It Now? Would I F**k!

    Great post – thanks!

  11. Ooooh I relate to the last one very much! I’ve always loved taking pictures and when my parents got me my first camera (I think I was 10), I snapped the hell out of it. Yeah there were those pictures that were blurry/with fingers in em.. but it’s the memory it brings back that counts!

    I can’t really identify with the rest though (generation gap!) but I’m really tempted to read Dogger now…

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  13. I definitely agree with these points!! Childhood is over way too fast….feel like turning my coat into a cape and running around in the park later this afternoon….but sure people will want me locked up afterwards

  14. This is great- I stopped into a drugstore yesterday to pick up a roll of film (instead of ordering it online) and was sad to see that the “photo section” was now just a digital card reader… and that was it.

  15. Hi Suzie! Came here from the SITS linkup! Yessss to the radio interviews on tape…I used to record myself singing Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” and “We Are the World” (I even did all the different voices) until my sister found one of my tapes and played it for a neighbor!!!

    Then there were the talk shows I hosted on my apartment patio with a fuzzy blanket hanging as my backdrop. Why am I not Oprah? *groans*

    Those were the days Lol.

    Thanks for this post!!!

  16. Playing with my Ginny doll, an 8-inch doll who looked like a child. Every girl my age had one, and dressing her in her nurse, or cowgirl, or picnic outfits was so much fun. Finally getting on toe in ballet and feeling beautiful as I danced around the studio. Sitting in the back of the book mobile with an illustrated book of my choice. Going on scavenger hunts during birthday parties, an adventure no one would feel safe letting kids do today. We’d knock on the doors of total strangers and ask for things like a bobby pin, a soda pop cap, or an envelope with a canceled stamp, and we’d collect nearly everything on our list in a half hour. Climbing over the fence and ice skating on the pond in a local park. Using construction paper and glue to make hand make cards with pop up flowers and dancing lady bugs, one personalized card for everyone in my family on special occasions. It didn’t take a van full of store bought cheesy crap to entertain us, almost nothing we wore advertised a logo, and we didn’t have play dates. We kids met at the empty lot in our neighborhood, we played until it got dark, and went home for supper, helped with the dishes, watched our younger siblings, and walked to school in the morning.

    I knew even then that there was so much injustice in the world, too much hatred, misery, hunger, illness, unfairness, and not enough chances for those who deserved a break. I worried about the ocean filling up with trash if everyone threw garbage into it. I despised words that hurt or humiliated or bullied. But life was simpler before selfies, before violent computer games were popular among school age kids, and greed was not regarded as a desirable trait.

    Suzie, you demonstrate much respect for the world around you. Thanks for a lovely post.

  17. I can’t wait to experience childhood things for a third time when the time comes for grandkids. I just hope I am around and healthy enough to enjoy it all.

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