Ten Ways To Get Motivated


After months of cold and miserable weather it is impossible not to exist in an almost permanent state of hibernation. It has become all too easy to spend my spare time huddled on the couch in a comfy sweater and sweat pants, eating comfort food and watching my favourite TV programmes.

However, with a hint of the onset of spring I decided that now was the time to stand up, brush off the crumbs and get my (considerably larger) self moving.

Here are my top tips for getting motivated.

1. Get up. It may sound rather silly, but until you actually get out of bed or off the couch nothing will happen.

2. Start the day by feeling good. Have a long, hot shower, take the time to iron your clothes and eat a healthy breakfast.

3. Think positive! You may find it useful to repeat a mantra before you begin…

4. Instead of looking at the ‘big picture,’ decide on just a few tasks that you intend to accomplish. Lots of sites advocate writing lists, but I often feel overwhelmed as it becomes evident as to just how much I need to do.

5. Start with the toughest task first. Once you have begun, stick with it until it is finished. It may be boring and frustrating, but the sense of achievement that follows its completion will be worth it.


6. Listen to uplifting music that you truly enjoy. My cleaning routine is often accompanied by 80’s rock songs – I can sing along and enjoy myself and the tasks seem to be over much quicker.

7. Avoid sitting down. Don’t think ‘I’ll just give myself five minutes’ as it is more than likely you will spend the rest of the day that way.

8. Share your plans. By doing this you are making yourself accountable for your intentions and your actions, and it is more likely that you will push yourself. It also may encourage a friend to join you in your task.

9. Once you have started, carry on! I often find that when I am in ‘the zone’ I am capable of completing much more than I initially expected. If your goal is to run, try and run for an extra minute. If your goal is to clean, clean an extra item.

10. Reward yourself! Take a step back, admire your work and be proud. Allow yourself to do something that you enjoy once everything else is finished – this may motivate you towards the end goal.

Do you have any tips for motivating yourself? I’d love to hear them!

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25 thoughts on “Ten Ways To Get Motivated

  1. yes you are right , i agree..
    want to suggest few more points,
    visiting church ,
    spending good time in garden,
    playing with kids ,
    watching cartoon movies,
    reading sayings by ur idol ,
    any good song,,
    remembering any good eveing or prize cermony and our performance praised by evryone…..
    these all things kills my stresses, fills me with new zeal and motivates me .. hope its quite obvious..

  2. But, I want to live in a van, down by the river!

    Great reminders. I will put this into use…tomorrow 🙂

  3. Good luck for you! Spring is almost here but i’m stuck with exams! So i didn’t have the time to think of them. Anayway thanx for reminding us. 🙂

  4. Can just imagine you hoovering to Bon Jovi. Personally I like to dust to Belinda Carlisle. My motivator currently is do a little task and have a cigarette as a reward. Haha that’s bad on so many levels but I plan to stop again soon. So ignore my advice lol

  5. My tip: start the day right. Eat breakfast! Skipping out on that meal will drag down the entire day.

  6. The urgency of the Thing That Must Get Done does it for me.
    You seem to have more fun than I do.
    I listen to music whenever I can. Rock, classic rock, and classical music are my preferences. Music is also a way for me to get angry or frustrated thoughts out of my head.

  7. I was with Aussa in January and the beginning of February – the bitter cold had me face down on the couch. Thankfully, with the hint of spring in the air, your post and the image of Chris Farley, I will keep my recently acquired motivation and keep moving.

  8. I listen to 80s rock when I clean too! Re: Lists. What I do is look at a large list, pick a couple of items from it and break those items down into smaller tasks. Once those have been accomplished, I am “free” to do more if I want to or take a break as I see fit. That way it’s not as overwhelming.

  9. I love the gifs that you used in this entry, especially that second one. I especially agree with #4 on this list. If you don’t break it down into a couple of things that you can do now, you’ll get very overwhelmed very quickly. If that happens, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to do it at all. If you give yourself a couple of manageable things to do, it won’t seem as difficult to get to where you want to go.

  10. I can’t do #6!!! Stupid computer virus huhuhu T_T Thank you for this post!! I really really need it now #hellweek

  11. I think waking up early in the morning and doing some sort of physical exercise really helps, especially it gives you a feel good factor and liberty to eat comfort food (without the guilt factor)!
    I have realized the days I wake up late, the entire day I am grumpy and irritable :-/

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