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I saw these today… Thoughts, anyone?



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  1. I don’t know that I have a problem with the imagery.
    It’s that boys are girls get pushed into one or the other, instead of just being allowed to “be”…

  2. I agree with what Guapo said, boys can just as easily play with Barbie and girls can play with He-Man.

  3. I think the double standards are all round, honestly. Feminism surely in most forms is about just a fair go for both? And men learning how to clean things…

  4. It’s not a double standard when you look at the bigger picture. Take the toy aisle for example; girls are overloaded with pink and toys that are focused on nurturing and emotion, while the boy aisle has toys that fit an array of areas from aggression to problem solving. This inequality of expectations of women’s roles start at birth and go much farther than beauty standards.

  5. I think we’ve all lost our minds. I also think were acting as if girls and women are so fragile that we can be completely destroyed by something like the word “bossy” or playing with a Barbie doll.

  6. I think men do feel that pressure to “be attractive”…and their problems with body image should be recognized and addressed just as much as women’s should. The fellas also have some pretty unrealistic role models to live up to.

  7. I think the thing with Barbie is not just that she’s a hyper-idealized type of beauty (which couldn’t exist in reality, because proportions) but that it’s everything pink, glamorous, and only perhaps after that comes anything thoughtful. That said, I have little problem with Barbie, and I think fashion and media do far more damage than dolls do.

  8. I see things like this a lot and I feel like it misses the point. No one has ever claimed that there are not unrealistic ideals for men. The issue with women is bigger because many people base a woman’s value on how she looks. To keep this short, things like this have a tendency to set me off because is shows a lack of understanding of feminism/gender equality. I have never heard of someone who considers themselves a feminist claim that men can not or are not objectified or raped or discriminated against based on their gender. The reason why women remain the focal point of these issues is because women are globally objectified, raped and discriminated against on a larger scale.

    I’ve always considered the idea of patriarchy to be a preference for social ideas of masculinity instead of men. Men who fit the social idea of masculinity reign while those who don’t (those who don’t make enough money, have been victims of rape or violence, or who don’t look masculine) are considered sub-par. Men who have what society considers feminine qualities are knocked down a few pegs because femininity is often seen as bad or at least below masculinity. This is why gender equality is not just about women having freedom to choose their own lives, but men as well.

  9. my 4 year old son has a baby doll that he loves to play with, he also has batman and spiderman action figures. it doesnt matter to me what he plays with. now if he ever said he wanted to where a dress that would be different. people are always making something out of nothing now a days. feminists have a problem with barbie because the way she looks causes girls to be insecure, well unless they plan on bumping off every beautiful woman in the world, getting rid of barbies wont change anything

    • I’ve said the same thing. There’s always going to be someone prettier than you. But unlike Barbie, a girl can be good at Math. Seriously, I played with Barbies, my girls play with Barbies, no damage. Of course my girls like playing somewhat violent games with the Barbies combined with Monster High and Batman, so I dunno . . .

  10. Standards are just too hard to remove in this world, especially that we live in a society where there are rules for men and rules for women.

    Though I agree with the Barbie doll being unrealistic, but I don’t think girls would be dumb enough to compare themselves to a doll -_- Same rule goes for men. Haha.

  11. well by now we all know that “He-man” type men are sooo pumped on steroids that their “member” is teeny tiny, plus all those muscles just look funny……NOW Channing is a different story!!! ~just plain yummy.

  12. I’m currently of the opinion that Barbie gets a bit too much of a hard time – like she’s somehow become the symbol of “what’s wrong”. Sure, she’s an unrealistic shape. But she’s just a doll. I think media, movies, music, magazines etc…. do more damage than a doll. I played with Barbie and survived – my daughter plays with her now and will too. We also watch Barbie Entertainment at home and it’s actually pretty good compared to some of the stuff out there. That said, we also try to balance with other shows as well as sports and a variety of activities. I think life views are formed by the collection of everything out there – so balancing/offering a variety of activities and stimulus etc… + talking at an age appropriate level with your kids about the images they see (both girls and boys – because I agree that the “boy images” can be equally damaging if taken at face value) goes a long way to helping them interpret the world around them and how to feel and think about it – and themselves within it.

  13. Hmm, definitely interesting. I can understand the first image in that people often think that feminists have to be these almost masculine, male-like people, and have to be totally against Barbies. It’s really a shame that society has such stereotypes. We are who we are, and we are allowed to believe in what we want, like and dislike what we want, and even look however we want, even if the world does not approve of it. It’s interesting, though, to see how society almost places certain identities on us, and slightly sad in my opinion. It plays into popularity in a lot of ways. For example, during grade school you were only “cool” if you dressed super girly and was a cheer leader. Why is that? I’m a girl, but I don’t cheer. I may dress girly, but not to the point where every day I’m in a dress. But we are expected to be. I think it is important to demonstrate to the next generations that they do not have to bend to double standards or stereotypes, but that we should be allowed to be our unique selves that God created us to be.

  14. Barbie/He-Man: I played with both. I don’t ever remembering thinking to myself, ‘Oh, I want to look like Barbie when I grow up.’ Or ‘He-Man is a hunk and that’s who I’m going to marry.’ They were just toys to me.

    By the time I hit the age where I was conscious of my image, I wasn’t playing with dolls anymore. It was the super models, celebrities, etc. that I looked to.

    As for the other photos, sexy to one person doesn’t mean it’s the same for another.

  15. First off, thanks, now I can’t unsee “curvy dude”.
    Secondly, I believe it is a horrible double standard that men with curves are allowed to flaunt their naked breasts at will, without harassment or reprisal and women are not… worse yet, curvy men actually will bounce around, topless, at will.
    More seriously, both sexes do have unrealistic role models, be they Barbie or whatshisname looking “yummy”. However, I do *not* think setting examples for kids and adults to strive for can be all that bad.
    I was going to say something about the evils of psychological indoctrination via toys and imagery, but several previous comments here, as well as my own experiences with many kick-ass women and nurturing men only go to show how a strong will/mind will overcome such tinkering, and those who are susceptible to that sort of manipulation will be pliable enough for any type of manipulation.

  16. Two very good points! I like my man as he’s as brave and determined as He-man but he still has cuddly bits. Action man, GI Joe, James Bond, Arnie, Sly all conscidered to be the perfect ‘manly’ tough versions of what a bloke should be. Equally as ridicolous as Barbie and air brushed models but rarely pointed out.

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