I’m on a train to go and visit my mum in Manchester for a much needed break for a few days. I was supposed to go yesterday, but the cat needed antibiotics giving every six hours and The Bloke was at work.

Wobbly is ok. They have found that her lymph nodes are dark, suggesting lymphoma, but it is in the early stages as yet. After having a chat with the vet I have refused all further treatment for her aside from antibiotics to clear up the infection in her stomach and hopefully this will allow her  to start eating normally again for a while. I appreciate that the vet was offering me all sorts of alternatives – surgery, biopsies etc – but I’m not putting a 19 year old cat through that. When it’s time, I’ll say my goodbyes.

This morning has been quite eventful. My doctors rang me to tell me that I would have to come in for a third set of blood tests as the sample that they sent off weren’t usable.  I was so annoyed. If any GP’s practising in England are reading this I would love your advice on how to complain about an incompetent practice with rude and dismissive staff.

I got on the train and was lucky to find a large seat with a table and a socket to charge my mobile phone. All was quiet until a passenger in my carriage had his mobile phone stolen (he’d left it charging under his coat while he went to the toilet) and after the train manager made an announcement that he would call the police and have them meet us at the next station to review the CCTV footage it was returned.

Some people are scumbags. could see that the train manager was explaining to the passenger who took it and where the phone was found but I was prevented from listening in by two rather loud, rather posh elderly ladies who got on the train and sat opposite me. I was desperate to tell them to shut up but didnt have the heart.

Incidentally, the train manager is so pretty I could cry…

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  1. I have to agree with you about Wobbly, My dog needs to have a lump removed but he is 14 and gets very stressed at the vets, last time he peed and pooped on the vets table. It would be cruel to put my dog through the stress and the lump is not stopping him doing anything, best leave alone.

    You did know that all doctors surgeries have to employ at least two incompetent receptionists/nurses/doctors and if they can not find any they must send them on a NHS funded two week training course in the Bahamas. The course includes how to feck up test results, loose repeat prescription forms, tell you that you are late for an appointment when you know you have it correct but the woman was two busy talking about what is in the Bella magazine instead of looking on the computer at what she should be doing.

    I failed to fence for the RAF with a chance to fence for the GB team. I fenced from a young age in School, at county levels and while I was in the RAF, I was to fence in a competition and I travelled from London with my gear all stored in what looked like a oversize guitar case, it contained 3 foils, 1 being electric, 3 fencing jackets 2 were electric, 2 pairs of breeches, socks, 2 pair of fencing shoes, 3 masks 2 electric and a mix of cables, buttons, guards basically my fencing life I had collected over the years worth nearly £2500, all Leon Paul.
    I put the bag in the bag area and when I went to get off at Birmingham and it had gone, the whole lot, I made a fuss and the guard said that I can report it but they were not responsible for your loss. I was suffering an on going injury so I possible wouldn’t have fenced and that was the last time I did fence, British Rail (this was 1981) ignored my pleas for compensation and offered me a free ticket as a gesture of good will. So I have sympathy with the guy and his phone.

    As for the two posh women I would have told them to shut up, nothing worse than people who think they are posh putting on a posh voice because they are either on the phone in public or just because they are in public………

    Enjoy your restful few days 🙂

  2. I think your decision about Wobbly is the best and loving one. We faced that recently.
    The problem with most doctors’ offices, I have found, is that the front desk has no idea what is going on and don’t care. I’ve been charged twice because they lost my first check. They’re abrupt or too busy to answer questions. Fortunately, I have a female doctor who has two ladies in the front office who are compassionate and polite.
    Your train journey had its moments. Too bad you couldn’t hear the explanation for the theft.
    I hope all works out well for you with the doctors.

  3. OK so I am SO HAPPY about Wobbly. Next, I’m happy about you because you notice a pretty guy! That means you are FEELING BETTER! Love ya – have fun at Mum’s!

  4. I hope you have a good weekend visit and are able to relax. I am sorry the news about Wobbly wasn’t very good, but I am glad you have made a decision with the information you received.

  5. I’m glad that you’re doing what you can for Wobbly and that the vet was willing to work with you on that. Elderly pets need just as much emotional and mental support as they do physical.

  6. Have a great, relaxing weekend! For some reason you’re not showing up in my reader. I was worried about you until I figured out you were still here and I was just missing your posts.

  7. I hope all goes well with Wobbly and you had a wonderful visit with your Mum! How annoying for close by passengers (“posh” is such a fun word to use!) and how they blocked the ability to listen in! Shoot!

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