Things I’m Glad I Didn’t Do

ImageI’ve never been a huge risk taker – I’ve always tried to follow the rules and do what is expected of me. I don’t have any wild tales of drunken debauchery, I’ve never woken up in a strange place with a strange person… I’ve been quite a good girl in my time.

An ex-boyfriend requested my friendship on Facebook not long ago. I declined it – after fifteen years I have no reason to communicate with him and if I am being honest I haven’t really thought of him much in that time – but not before I snooped through his profile as much as his privacy settings would allow. He looked much older, he’d obviously been working out and he was the proud father to three kids. He seems happy, and I’m glad, but there was one thought that kept popping into my head during my little stalking session:

Thank god that wasn’t me.

He wasn’t a bad boyfriend and I’m sure he’s a brilliant father, but after seeing his pictures I couldn’t help but feel like I had dodged a bullet.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

During recent months I have spent some time reflecting on life, often culminating in thoughts of regret or nostalgia. However, here are the things that I am glad I didn’t do.

Getting the dolphin tattoo I so desperately wanted. I don’t like needles, the colour would have faded by now and I have gained so much weight it would now resemble a whale.

Borrowing money from an ex. He offered to lend me enough to get me on the property ladder. I’m glad I refused – I discovered that he was cheating on me not long afterwards.

ImageTaking drugs. Plenty of my friends have dabbled on nights out, but I’ve never regretted not taking the risk. I have an addictive personality and bad luck – not a good combination.

Taking things further with someone I was seeing in my gap year. I found out that he gave his girlfriend after me syphillis.

Becoming a professional violinist. The competition is far too high – I wouldn’t have coped.

Getting my hair permed again. Blonde afro’s look great on some. I, however, looked like a reject from ‘Annie.’

What about you guys? Do you have thing in life that you’re glad you didn’t do?

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24 thoughts on “Things I’m Glad I Didn’t Do

  1. I am glad I never did drugs or started smoking. Knowing my tendency to addiction, I would not be able to stop.

  2. So many things. Also so many things I DID do, but I look at it this way: everything I do has led me to where I am now, I am still alive, and I’ve (hopefully) learned a few things. The main thing I’m glad I never did was smoke cigarettes. My mom has COPD now and it’s kind of horrifying.

  3. Hahaa! I’m glad I didn’t get a heart with horns tatt on my belly as it’d be stretched into the rather unattractive shape of a real heart by now. I’m glad I didn’t take speed aged 14 (due to a mate not making good on their promise) as I’d read up about the immediate effects but had no idea that it could last for hours. Imagine me all jittery going to school the next day! Plus it’s pretty addictive. Sounds like you have good luck & good intuition chick.

  4. I’m glad I never smoked cigarettes. I see family and friends desperately spending a small fortune on everything from nicorette gum to hypnosis trying to quit and nearly always failing. Saved my lungs and some money there, I think.

  5. I didn’t marry my ex-boyfriend. I did snoop – on his Myspace page – the fact he still has one is bad enough. But he listed his profession as “bum”. Bullet dodged.

  6. Your post definitely brought a smile to my face, along with several sighs of relief I’m of an age when social media wasn’t really even thought of during my teenage years; am still around to tell the tale (or several), but thankfully not it/they are online for all and sundry to tell as well… Thanks for the post.

  7. I love the picture of the kid. This is a really interesting post and discussion. I think risk taking is a good thing as long as you choose the right risks and know yourself. Just like taking and educated guess on a test question I think its possible to take educated risks. My biggest fear in life is that I won’t have the time to try all the things I want to. When I look back now my biggest regrets are the chances I didn’t take out of fear. It sounds like you’ve done a good job of assessing risks and chose wisely.

  8. These lists are always fun because they end up like a no-pressure, introspective version of Never Have I Ever.

    I’d say mine is that I’ve never been in trouble with the police. And that I’ve never failed a class or test.

  9. What a great list. So often, I look back and mad about what I did or didn’t do. I love the idea of being grateful for what didn’t happen. Would you mind if I posted a blog response in the future?

  10. I’m glad that I never tried any drugs. Even though I don’t have an addictive personality, I have several relatives who have struggled with certain addictions (primarily alcohol, I don’t drink much either) and I always figured it was better not to tempt fate. Genetics can be as bad as personality when it comes to such things.

  11. Hey, i think the drugs stuff was the most important one. I can’t tell about my regrets, i just opened my eye on i’m trying to live with no regret. ^_^

  12. I smiled at the lack of dolphin tattoo. I spend a lot of time at Open Swims at public pools with my kids and let me tell you – it’s like visiting the land of tattoo regret. Many a tattoo that I’m sure looked cool at 18, just doesn’t anymore at 40…. I’m equally glad I didn’t get one 🙂

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  14. That’s a great list of things you wrote out. For me, I’m glad I didn’t stick it out in my first marriage because i would never have met the love of my life. My first marriage fell apart quietly and neither of us moved to change. It’s scary to move to the unknown and I am glad we amicably decided to split. I will be married 30 years this June to my soul mate (sounds mushy!)

  15. So glad I didn’t stick with a job I’d already accepted when a better offer came along a few days later. It was a huge departure for guilt-ridden, but-I-already-told-them-yes, honorable me. But it would have been a horrible mistake.

  16. I am not on FB or twitter, but I am sometimes too ‘open’ on my wordpress which feeds into my LinkedIn. I always hoped some professional would like my zany stories or my heartfelt tales and wish to publish them…. so that is why I connected on the professional site. Interesting how with age, we gain wisdom and wonder about those on FB and twitter getting their selves into trouble somehow! Smiles, Robin

  17. I never had a desire to take any kind of drugs and have always felt proud that I never tried it “just because”. And boys. So many #noregrets there

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