Die Printer, Die…


In the last ten days my routine has been print, file, print, file, print, file, sleep, aside from lunch with the best mate on Sunday and a lovely girly catch-up at MRH’s house, which was very much needed. I have printed and filed no less than 400 pieces of coursework since I went back to work after being off ill for a month, and if I never see another printer, photocopier or tracking sheet ever again it will be a day too soon. The printer at work has a grudge against me for some reason. It hates me. It seems to sense when the work is at it’s most urgent and will deliberately pretend that it is broken, despite being perfectly fine for the people that have used it just before me. I keep having fantasies about re-enacting the scene from ‘Office Space,’ where a printer is unceremoniously smashed into a million pieces. Unfortunately, I don’t own a baseball bat, but if I ever do you can be assured that the bloody printer is going to know about it.

Consequently, I have barely had time to even think about my blog. Despite the fact that it is the Easter holidays, I have been into work every single day this week to do extra coursework catch-up with the cherubs, and so I was really excited about the prospect that my time this evening could be spent catching up on what I’ve missed in the WordPress world. I tried to write something, but instead found myself staring at a blank screen, and after a while I gave up. It isn’t the first time that this has happened to me over the last month or two – I used to have lots of ideas that inspired me but at the minute all my brain thinks about is work and deadlines. I’ve been having dreams about being in a school that I don’t know and I can’t find my way around or figure out where my classes are. I try calling home but keep dialling the wrong number. Fun.

A much simpler life is needed.

However, tomorrow I am giving myself the day off. The Bloke has surprised me with tickets to London on Saturday so we’re going to have a wander around and play at being tourists for the day. I’m looking forward to it – we try and go several times a year and there are still so many places we need to visit yet, so it will be a nice change of scenery. This also means that I am going to treat myself to a new outfit to wear so I have decided that I am going to go into town tomorrow and have a look around. The weather is going to be beautiful, the day is mine, it’s the only one that I am going to have to myself for a while and I am going to take full advantage. That is, after I have watched cheesy morning chat shows and had a long hot bath. Oh, and I might make a start on the enormous dark chocolate Easter egg that The Bloke bought me.

After all, it would be rude not to…

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15 thoughts on “Die Printer, Die…

  1. It’s funny how machines can sense the urgency and need of a human user and work ( or not as is usually the case lol) accordingly . What a great bloke you have to have forced some necessary R and R for you. Nothing beats playing tourist in your own city, I love doing it. You certainly have earned a break

  2. I have a Canon Duplex printer sitting here beside me. It is a sort of love/hate relationship. It can be frustratingly slow, chews up ink cartridges and inflicts punishment if you fail to tick the right box when using the duplex feature. That’s the hate side – on the love side, when I do check the right box and wait patiently as it goes into a never ending cleaning cycle and it prints – the duplex copies in Times New Roman (12 font) are clear, sharp beautifully printed and all that I could hope or wish for in a document ———– I know, I should get out more often :o)

  3. Have a wonderful day in London. Just make sure that your meanderings don’t take you into any office supplies shops. Those printers and photocopiers may gang up on you and spoil your day. 🙂

  4. My youngest daughter and I like this movie, a lot! It gets us laughing and we like to think that we would not do this, but sometimes we would feel like throwing mechanical things out of the window! I know that it is irritating that computers are pains and don’t cooperate and do ‘die.” Enjoy your holiday in London and Happy Easter! I have a trip up to Mom’s then scurrying back after I stay 2 days… to hide eggs for the grandchildren. You are lucky to have a great man in the Bloke! Smiles, Robin

  5. I have been doing nothing but training, reading manuals, watching training videos and my brain is mush. Hope you have a glorious day off and a great visit to London. Can’t wait to hear about it.

  6. Hey Blue Eyes.

    You’ve reminded me of something – I need to buy a printer. I’ll do that tomorrow.

    I love this movie.

    In fact, I loved it even before I worked in the National Cemetery Management Council’s offices.

    By the way, it’s not that I don’t have a printer already. My old one is actually a pretty expensive scanner / photocopier / colour and black and white dealy, but…it’s a few years old now, and I can’t find a simple cord, so….I’m going to drop kick the motherfucker and film it. Post to follow. (Noted on scrap paper and stuck to my “Idea Wall” (aka – wherever there’s space on ANY wall).

    So yeah…I see you’ve followed my Twitter.

    Time to follow you right back.

    Maybe I just won’t sleep tonight?

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