The Glorious Nothing Days


Hooray for the glorious nothing days,

Those rare and brilliant blank diary days,

Days when the cupboard of forgotten tat has its turn,

No birthdays, fancy do’s or fireworks,

No test matches or penalty shockers,

When there is nothing better than doing nothing at all,

When we find the time to potter and piddle about,

With the people that count,

The glorious nothing days are the best days

The cheese on toast days,

The days that matter.

Today’s inspiration comes from an advert for Anchor Cheese, no less. It isn’t often that I am moved by TV advert but when I heard these words I was in the middle of marking hell and I desperately wanted a break. Today is my glorious nothing day. I am going to potter and piddle about in the beautiful weather and appreciate every minute of it. I hope you all have a beautiful day…

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10 thoughts on “The Glorious Nothing Days

  1. This is lovely, Suzie. Precious days when we can potter and piddle. Enjoy life a little without all the pressure. Perked me up no end here. Although I’ve been pottering and piddling for the last week or so. And loving it. 🙂 x

  2. “Those rare and brilliant blank diary days” is the best line I’ve read all month.

    That’s a very good poem. I’d left-justify it instead of centering it if I were posting it, but that is a minor thing. The feelings are there.

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